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Logitech designs market leading business solutions for the workplace that cultivate creativity and productivity, extending business performance. They increase collaboration so people can achieve their best everyday.

How to rebuild your social connections at work

Video conferencing and the involvement of employees in the one and half a meter society.

Meetings have some kind of social function. Healthy social connections deliver advantages for the company or the bigger organisation. It promotes involvement and loyalty of the employee.

Unfortunately, the social aspect of working has been put to the test during the pandemic. But there is some good news.

By using the different possibilities of video conferencing, meeting organisers can revive their social contacts during this distancing period. Besides, it is proven that video conferencing not only improves the effectiveness of a meeting but also could have consequential effects, like higher productivity and involvement of the employees.

Why  social connectivity is so important at your workspace

People have a natural desire for a feeling of togetherness.
It brings happiness and willingness to participate in the success of the company.
For both employees and companies they work for, a healthy social connection at work offers some advantages:

– more creativity and problem solving
– higher productivity
– higher loyalty
– less employee turnover

The lack of social connectivity is a problem in times of distance and self-isolation, a time where no spontaneous meetings and conversations in the hallway are held. Scientific research shows that video meetings are effective replacers for those informal conversations. It can recover the togetherness and connectedness that people miss during social distancing.

According to Dr. Joseph A. Allen, professor industrial and organisation psychology, his face-to-face and video meetings are the same regarding effectiveness and happiness. Video meetings offer more extra information in form of non-verbal signals and verbal dialogues. Those non-verbal signals, sympathetic look, a simple hand gesture are crucial for creating social connectedness.

The most important points for an organisation and IT-managers

The knowledge of the importance of social connectedness, how this is accomplished, the positive effect of video meetings for coworkers on a distance, gives us insights and recommendations for IT-managers and organizers of meetings. 

  1. make time for informal conversations before you start the meeting.
  2. Make time for unplanned or unstructured meetings.
  3. Make meetings shorter
  4. Be prepared for interruptions.
  5. Take advantage of the tools for video meetings.

Source: Logitech, 2020

The tools for video meetings

The perfect match in technology: Samsung x Logitech

The quality of Logitech combined with the Samsung SMART signage-technology will transform modern meeting rooms in productive environments.

Join meetings with confidence from anywhere.

Solutions for your meeting rooms

For every meeting room the perfect setup, making the choice as easy as the installation.

Logitech SWYTCH? Wait What?

Logitech Swytch is a BYOM (bring your own meeting) laptop link for rooms with or without a dedicated computer. With a single USB connection, Swytch links laptops to the room’s conference camera and display, making it easy to meet, present and stream up to 4K video over any service.


With a single connection, Logitech Swytch links a laptop to the room’s display and conference camera for use with any video conferencing, streaming or webinar software. For rooms with or without a dedicated meeting room computer.


Universal USB type A+C connection to most Windows laptops, MacBooks and Chromebooks, with no dongle or adapter required (requires USB 3.0 type A or C port and DisplayLink drivers).


Compatible with Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms and other software-based video-conferencing room solutions. Allows people to use the room solution’s conference camera and display for external meetings, webinars and video broadcasts.


Automatically switches the room’s display and conference camera between the meeting room computer (if equipped) and a connected laptop, so rooms stay ready for every meeting.


Universal USB type A + C connector with USB Power Delivery is compatible with most laptops. It eliminates the adapters that clutter the conference room and prevents a drained battery from cutting conversations short.


Ensures secure connections and a neat look.


Swytch supports video and content sharing resolutions all the way to 4K for broadcast-quality meetings, live streams and virtual events.

Everybody deserves good collaboration. Buy a Meetup and Logitech donates €10,- to UNICEF.


Logitech in action for UNICEF.

Every child deserves education, everyone is more aware of that now than ever before. Education creates opportunities, friendships and development. UNICEF has been engaged in education for all children in the world for years. Logitech Benelux can proudly call itself a partner of UNICEF and support them in their education projects.

Just to give you some examples:

As a solution provider, we will advise you in finding the right product for your project. Contact us, to find out more.

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About Logitech

Logitech is a Swiss company that focuses on innovation and quality, and products and designs experiences that take their place in people’s daily lives.

At the start, they connected people thru innovation peripherals for computers and many industry firsts, among which the infrared wireless mouse, the trackball with thumb control, the laser mouse and more.

Since then they have expanded their expertise in product design as well as their global reach. Logitech looks at the way customers connect and communicate in the digital world for each product.