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BakkerElkhuizen specializes in developing high-end, ergonomic hard and software solutions that contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of computer users. Their innovative solutions encourage employees to achieve better wellness at work, become more productive, adopt healthy postures and alternate between them to increase movement.

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People come first

People are central to the philosophy of Bakker Elkhuizen; not just in the development of their products, but also concerning their employees and in the relationships they maintain with their partners, suppliers and customers. They attach considerable value to long-term relationships. Thanks to these long-lasting relationships, their extensive knowledge of ergonomics, understanding of the market and broad product portfolio, they maintain a leading position in the ergonomics market.

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Meet Robert

Celebrating 25 years of Bakker Elkhuizen

Bakker Elkhuizen celebrates 25 years and for their anniversary they have created this video about modern heroes. Robert, the main character in this video stars in other video’s as well, explaining, actually vividly demonstrating the benefits of the Bakker Elkhuizen products.

Personal Performance

Hybrid Working

Employees have been given the opportunity to think about where and how they are most productive. This flexible working has been perceived as the new standard. Depending on the task and objectives, needs for individual and/or team performance become apparent. This creates other paradoxes that call for a hybrid approach:

  • Cooperation vs. Concentration
  • Collegiality vs. Work-life balance
  • Control vs. Trust
  • Working hours vs. Output
  • Freedom vs. Connectedness

BakkerElkhuizen has defined 3 pillars and corresponding elements for a properly set-up Hybrid Working policy.

Culture and Leadership

Culture, steering, personal responsibility, coaching, cooperation, and individual concentration


Organizations need to think about their values and culture, and the interactions, practices, and rituals that foster the hybrid culture.


Rethinking processes and workplaces


It will become important to ensure that employees are aware of the working practices of their other colleagues to ensure that strategic meetings and collaboration are planned at the most optimal times and run efficiently.

System and Locations

Location-independent IT infrastructure and flexible workplace design


Employers do not always have a view of what the home workplace is like. How do we ensure that we can all work in a healthy, happy, and safe manner?

The right tools

Monitor Arms

An ergonomic workstation promotes the comfort and productivity of DSE workers. It is easy to create the ideal workstation with a few minor adjustments. Monitor arms provide more space for your workstation and improve your posture. In addition, the height and distance of monitor arms can be adjusted easily. Moreover, more and more people are working with multiple screens. And nothing is simpler than adjusting the screens to the same height with just one monitor arm.

Ergonomic mouse

The most commonly used accessory for working with a computer or laptop is still the mouse.  Prolonged use of a mouse can result in pain and discomfort
in the shoulders, forearms and hands. Using an ergonomic mouse can help to counteract these effects and results in more comfort.

There are many different kinds of mice on the market today, most of which (i.e. the unconventional mice) are also ergonomically responsible. From vertical, precision and centrally positioned mice to a pen tablet.

(Source: Chang, et al., 2007; Andersen, et al., 2008)

Laptop stands

An ergonomic workspace improves the comfort and productivity of computer-based employees+. With just a few small modifications, creating the ideal workspace is a piece of cake. One of the easiest modifications to make is using a laptop stand. Ergonomic Laptop stands provide a healthy and proper posture while you work.

The benefits of a laptop stand;

  • offers the right viewing point
  • reduced physical strain in your neck, upper back and shoulders.
  • increased comfort and improved productivity

BakkerElkhuizen introduces its new Laptop stand: The UltraStand Universal.

The UltraStand Universal integrates perfectly with your laptop, so you don’t have to take an additional laptop stand with you. The UltraStand ensures a healthy and ergonomic way of working.

Ergonomic keyboard

Research shows that 90% of us do not use the numeric part of the keyboard enough to warrant having it. A compact keyboard makes it more comfortable to work with because it reduces the reaching distance to the mouse. The reason is the correct positioning of the keyboard, centrally in front of the screen, reducing the reach distance to the mouse. This reduces the strain on the forearms and shoulder.

Source: Cook C, et al., 1998.

Energy by Light

Everyone has a daily rhythm, which is largely controlled by natural daylight. With conventional artificial lighting, this regular stimulation by light is missing and our body’s release of hormones can become confused. EnergyByLight is not just artificial light, it is biodynamic. Biodynamic light recreates the color temperature and brightness of natural daylight found throughout the course of a day.

EnergyByLight delivers sophisticated lighting through the use of color temperature, brightness, and optimized location of light for every space.

Work & Move

To sit or to stand

Sit-stand desks are all the rage in today’s office environments. They are said to motivate employees to switch up their posture while they work and keep them from sitting still for hours on end. The sit-stand desks are therefore mainly used to combat sedentary behaviour and improve employees’ health. However, using a sit-stand desk correctly is a challenge.

Computer software stimulates correct usage of a sit-stand desk

The study of the effects of WORK & MOVE was conducted by an American University and took 4,5 months. The results were as would be expected.

Survey data from the members of the experimental group show that 71% thought that the WORK & MOVE instructions helped them use their sit-stand desk correctly and made for an easier transition from sitting to standing and from a sitting to a standing workspace.


83% believed that the software had increased their overall time spent standing up


45% said that WORK & MOVE had improved their mental awareness by making them stand up more frequently


Increase in employees’ productivity

These findings indicate that the smart WORK & MOVE nudges can indeed be used to motivate employees to change their behaviour when it comes to standing and sitting. The effects?
The experimental group indicated that they experienced a significant reduction of physical discomfort, were more focused and felt less tired. The trick is not to stand up for much longer, but to switch between sitting and standing more frequently.

With periodical mental and physical exercise, you will stay focused and energised, make fewer mistakes and improve the quality of your work.

increase in productivity

Source: Gregory Garrett, Hongwei Zhao, Adam Pickens, Ranjana Mehta, Leigh Preston, Amy Powell & Mark Benden (2019). ‘Computer-based Prompt’ variability and sit-stand desk usage behavior; a cluster randomized control trial; Applied Ergonomics.

Ecological products

Plastic, a global problem

The plastic soup is a widely recognized and major problem. Additionally, plastic production is expected to increase by 40% over the next 10 years. The united nations warn that marine life will be irreparably destroyed and the plastic soup will endanger the food supply of millions of people. What exactly does the use of plastic mean?


0.5 ton plastic every minute

1440 dump trucks every 24 hours

8 million tons of plastic every year

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Only 1 in 4 plastic bottles finds its way back to recycling so we all must look to ourselves and develop new methods to complete the full circle with our products.  Literally from cradle to cradle. reducing waste, reusing products and recycling materials.

Bakker Elkhuizen circular ergonomic accessories 

  1. Plastic bottles are being collected from different sources and are sent to a processing organisation
  2. Plastic bottles are processed into ‘flakes’ to be processed again into ‘granulate’
  3. Granulate is processed into PET felt sheets
  4. PET felt sheets are manufactured into BakkerElkhuizen products.
  5. Our circular products can be handed back to us to be recycled again.

Circular Products