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Wireless Presenting with Airtame

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If you are looking for an easy way to share your presentation, we can offer Airtame – solutions. It’s wireless and has no need for dongles.

As an Airtame Bronze certified customer, we can offer you the right service.


The first Airtame was released in 2015 and was created for streaming content wirelessly. The device was plugged straight into the HDMI port of a screen and almost worked like a car key. After the first global feedback, Airtame 2 was developed, a device that is bigger and more powerful.

Airtame 2 is an enterprise-grade wireless HDMI device for TVs and projectors. Users can share content wirelessly from their laptop or mobile device to one or more screens. Airtame helps getting rid of screen cables in classrooms and in conference rooms.


  • Airtame is cross-platform

You can mirror your screen from Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Linux and iOS. From Android you can share presentations and work files.

  • Airtame can be used as digital signage

You can set Airtame to display content when no one is streaming. Set a dashboard or use Google Slides for easily changing the content on your info screens

  • Airtame can be managed from the cloud

Connect all your Airtames to Airtame Cloud. Here you have the complete overview and can change settings remotely.

We have the Airtame 2 available at Discorp. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want a demonstration.

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  • Revamped physical setup, including a wall mount solution designed for better network integration and aesthetic value
  • 4x more RAM (memory) from the next generation, for speedier load times and wider support for web content.
  • eMMC (embedded multimedia card) replacing the original SD card – ensuring faster firmware updates and longer lifetime of the hardware
  • New processor and SoC (system on a chip) – the brain of Airtame
  • State of the art WiFi processing chip
  • Better wireless range – now 20 meters (60ft), rather than 10 (30ft)
  • More powerful – relying on  a committed AC power supply or PoE adapter
  • Improved LED (light) – no more sporadic blinking
  • Improved accessories – for better reach and connectivity
  • Kensington Lock Slot – for improved physical security
  • MAC address printed on the device- for quicker installation and maintenance

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