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Be balanced Be energized

Has homework become the new normal?

Sources predict that by the end of 2021, 25 to 30% of all employees will be working at home on a multiple-days-a-week basis. (Poly, 2020)
This shift doesn’t come as a surprise after the great and swift adaptation to teleworking due to the Covid-19 crisis.
During this period, not only our work life but even more our private life has dramatically changed. The combination of those transformations has led to many people suffering from stress. The work-life balance of many employees just vanished into thin air.
Daily life changed dramatically:
Kids could no longer go to school; you had to work from home, children needed to be taught at home,…

Although nowadays we are past those dramatic changes, it doesn’t mean we have established a perfect balance in our lives.
The kids might go back to school, but we still mostly work from home. Teleworking has many advantages, but it also involves some difficulties.
For example, when do you say your workday is over when all your see is remaining work that has to be done? The threshold to keep working is much lower when your workplace is just a room away.
Due to the multiple responsibilities, we have at home, we intend to lose track of time. These result in stress and later on in a feeling of lack of energy.

How can we balance our life and create a more energetic daily life for ourselves?

Personalized work schedule

There are multiple solutions that can be effective.
One solution is the creation of a personalized work schedule.
Start with tracking the time of all your activities for one week to create a structure for your schedule. Once done, you can start adding your activities to your schedule. An important matter that you mustn’t lose out of sight is the scheduling of breaks. They are an important part of your workday.
When using your personalized work schedule for a significant amount of time, you will feel that you have regained a grip on your time, and your balance will naturally follow. (Prossack, 2020)

Week/weekend routine

Another tip is to make a clear distinction between your week and weekend routines. During the weekends try to spend time engaging in relaxing and fun activities. Investigate what makes you feel relaxed and make sure your weekend really feels like one.
You can even try to recuperate your old weekend routines yet in a Covid-19 responsible way.
For example, did you normally have a family dinner every Sunday, make it a family ‘online’ dinner via Zoom, Teams,… (Business talent group, z.d.)


The last tip to feel more balanced is to exercise. Due to the virus, a lot of sports activities are suspended. The trick to staying balanced and healthy is to find new ways to exercise. Search for online classes, go out for a run, a bike ride, or just do some exercises at home. (GP Team, 2020)

Being balanced and energized is key in 2021!