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Boost your productivity – let’s play!

Enhancing the wellbeing of employees: is it kind of a useless cost, an act of kindness whereto the employer feels obliged? Or does it effectively lead to better performance and profitable outcomes that can decrease costs? A lot of studies show that the second is true. Let’s verify and dive into this matter. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease’. At Discorp, we are convinced of the fact that social wellbeing is at least as important as the other two aspects of health out of this definition. That’s why we like to possess tools to unwind during the workday.

"Without a healthy teamspirit, you won't get anywhere"

Relaxing during the workday is a good thing, but doing it together with your colleagues is even better, since it improves the team spirit. For Discorp, it is no issue, because we all love to do things together with the whole staff. Therefore, we implemented some amusing tools in the building: to relax, to unwind and to enjoy happy and fun moments during the workday. Besides, many teambuildings, lunches or activities are organized during the year to make sure the wellbeing of our people is at the highest level.

But what about the work to be done?

With all these random fun breaks, it might feel like you’re not working hard or long enough, and your work will accumulate which will lead to loads of stress. But the opposite is true, because these little pit stops during the workday do have a beneficial effect on your concentration, creativity and performance. It’s proven that our brain gets tired after 40 – 50 minutes of uninterrupted work, and therefore our concentration weakens and more mistakes will be made. With a short pause, our brain will charge itself, so we can go back to work fitter and more concentrated than before.

Pingpong competition

As one of our main vendors, Jabra is aware that Discorp gives many attention to the team spirit and good vibes at the office. That’s why they recently gave us a personalized ping-pong table. For us the ultimate opportunity to set up a whole internal competition: one-to-one games between colleagues. The winner gets a point, the loser does not. We organize different rounds until two players reach the finals. Currently, the games are still on, competition is high, and excitement rises… And so is the enthusiasm about the game. At the end, we will provide an awesome prize for the winner. What that prize will be, is still a secret. To be continued…