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Customer testimonial Adapt 660

Customer Testimonial Epos ADAPT 660

Stefanie’s experience with the ADAPT 660

About Stefanie

I’m Stefanie Druyts, working as a procurement officer at Discorp for almost 2 years now. During the current situation (Covid 19) my workspace has shifted from full-time at the office to working 1 day a week and 4 days at home. Due to the diverse workplaces where I have to work, it isn’t always easy to concentrate due to noise disturbance.

At home &
at the office

At the office, there are a lot of colleagues who like to talk loudly, even sometimes speaking at once and at times a tour with customers passes by.

At home, you might think it is quieter, but the opposite is true. My neighbors are hard hearing which results in a high volume of the television sound. Our other neighbors have recently started renovating and of course, it brings the necessary noise. In combination with children playing in the neighborhood, it can often be noisy at our house and difficult to concentrate.

I’m a very sensitive person when it comes to external stimuli. When there is too much noise or other stimuli, I’m often distracted which results in less efficient working.

I was searching for a solution to reduce noise and still have a professional sound experience. A colleague recommended me to try an Epos Sennheiser headset, more specifically the ADAPT 660.

My first impression when I had the headset on, was that it’s a soft headset and not at all heavy, which makes it more agreeable to wear for a long period.

I’m not a tech wonder so I was glad that I could easily connect the headset with my laptop and even with my smartphone. For calls, this comes in very handy.

The sound experience itself is very realistic. It’s like in a video call the people I’m talking with are actually in the same room.

During work, I sometimes like to listen to music which is also pretty easy and comfortable with the Epos ADAPT 660.

One of the most important features for me, noise cancellation has surprised me. I can smoothly close myself off from my environment which makes it is easier for me to concentrate.

I chose a wireless headset so I could easily switch between my smartphone and laptop sound. Due to the long battery life, I don’t have to charge him every day, which is a plus.

The features that this headset offers, make it an attractive product to use in the office as well as at home. It is my partner in crime on busy days and in times when I need to study and be fully concentrated.

This headset comes with a carrying case which makes it easy for me to travel safely between the office and my home office.

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