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Discorp drives forward through innovation

New digital technologies are present in our daily routines and we don’t always realize it. The good news about this is: these innovations can make everything easier, at least if you respond to it well. But on the other hand, digitalization and new technologies rise new challenges. The key is to be aware of these challenges and to turn them into opportunities. If you’re able to implement every solution right, you can drive your business forward through these innovations. 

As a reseller of the newest ICT hardware and ergonomic tools for an efficient workspace, Discorp stays up to date in this ever-changing market. We want to serve our clients in the best possible way, and therefore, we are determined to grab every single chance. Of course, we are aware of the challenges that this changing technological market entails.

The challenges of digital innovation

Digital inclusion

Digital inclusion in the office means that every employee can benefit from the same online experience, wherever they are working. Everyone wants to be part of the team, and feel connected in (remote) meetings. Digital inclusion therefore focuses on providing the same opportunities and delivering equal access to technology.

How does Discorp overcome this challenge? 

Well, that’s quite clear. All our meeting rooms are equipped with the right communication tools. Think of good cameras, speakers… When team members join a meeting remotely, they feel connected anyway because of the excellent video and sound quality.

Product obsolescence

New products come out every day, and with these products, new features and improved software rise. A common example is the smartphone market. After two or three years, your phone is already outdated. This is also the case for other technological or communication tools, like speakerphones, headsets or accessories, and other hardware tools. Older products become end of life, and new products emerge. The challenge is to be aware of these renewals. Developing your knowledge, and staying up to date with the changing market are a must in order to recommend the best technologies to your customers at any time.

How does Discorp overcome this challenge? 

We constantly check the range of products we offer in our webshop. When a product is end of life, we remove it from the shop. Besides, we constantly improve our digital knowledge by following trainings about new technologies and products.

Customer needs become endless

The technological improvements and possibilities are becoming numerous. When you want to create a meeting room, there are endless factors to keep in mind, like the appropriate speakers, a compatible camera, the most suitable screens… Every company responds differently to digital innovation, and the challenge is here to offer the best solution for every single organization.

How does Discorp overcome this challenge? 

We are known for our custom-made solutions, and that’s how we serve our customers in the best way. We create a tailor-made webshop for every customer, our sales team constantly figures out the best product match for every individual and we advice our clients on what would suit them. Our challenge is to facilitate yours, by turning your needs into tailor-made solutions.

Experience it yourself!

As we want to be the perfect example to our customers, we provide our Discorp offices with what we offer. Therefore, our meeting rooms, desks, and other areas are fully equipped with the newest technological tools and innovations. That way, we not only spoil our employees with a comfortable and innovative workspace. We also create a showroom for customers, and they serve as solutions to overcome the challenges of digital innovation.

Our office as an experience room

Are you interested in our innovations and technologies in the office? Or do you need some inspiration to make your own office fully up-to-date? Book a visit to our office. We organized a whole experience room, where we show you the latest ICT hardware, like the best noise-canceling headsets, sit-stand desks, ergonomic backpacks, and so on. Of course, we can guide you through the rest of our building, too. That way, you discover the way we work, and the latest tools we use to make it our employees as comfortable as possible.

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