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Discorp is expanding!

Five months. That is how long it took before we could actually move after we laid the first stone to the constructions. After a long period of work, with a lot of dust and noise as a result, the time has finally come: Discorp moves to the new office building! More rooms, workspace and a tad more elegance. Let’s go through this process together…

The reason

Discorp recorded a significant growth the last months. Not only in customers, but also in personnel. The office became crowded, the amount of workplaces became more and more populated by new faces and therefore scarcer. The biggest reason, however, was the limited space in our warehouse. There was simply no room for optimization. That is why Michel Rammeloo, General Manager of Discorp, decided to buy the building next to Discorp. Now, a few months later, we finally get there.

Moving the offices

The whole team took practical action to move and complete everything immaculate. At the end of August, our logistics department was the first to move their packing lines. Everything went off without a hitch. For a little while, we had the intention to throw a little party in the empty warehouse. But unfortunately, we had no time to party, because there was much more work to do.

Due to a delay of the windows, the movement of the office rooms should wait a little longer, but after a couple of weeks, it was time for them too to discover their new places.

The meeting rooms: a new concept

We didn’t want to leave the work half done. Now was the time to rethink the use of some older spaces. We devised everything in detail, to realize a unique concept at the end.

From new meeting rooms to a polyvalent space, almost everything is available at the new buildings of Discorp. Thanks to this expansion, we got more space for our meeting rooms.

We even took the sporters into account: 2 showers were installed for those who would like to do some sports before, during or after work.