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Tips for a healthy workplace

16 tips for an ideal workplace


1.Chair height: feet flat on the ground with your knees at an angle 90°-110°. If necessary, use a footrest if you are unable to adjust the height of your desk.

2. Desk Height: at elbow height so that you sit in a relaxed position

3. Armrest height: just below the desk height so that you can move close enough to the desk to work comfortably.

4. Tilt the backrest of your chair back a little for good support. The backrest should be set at an angle between 90° and 120°.

5. Screen Height:  the top of your screen should be just beneath eye level.

6. Distance to screen: at least one arm’s length


7. Avoid using a laptop for long periods of time (>2 hours a day) without measures to improve comfort.


8. Place documents, tablet or smartphone in line with the screen at a slight incline in order to facilitate reading without having to angle or arch your neck.


9. Avoid having to reach for the mouse. Use a compact keyboard with a separate number pad that can also be positioned on the left if necessary.

10. For extra comfort, use a large heat-insulating mouse mat. The mouse cursor moves smoothly across the screen on any tablet and the mouse hand stays warm.


11. Work with two monitors if you regularly work with multiple applications at the same time. Place the screen you use most straight in front of you. If you often have to compare data from several applications, then place both screens in front of you.


12. Use a chair with a tilting Mechanism

13. Alternate between standing and sitting

14. Leave your workstation regularly and take a short walk. This increases your concentration and mental agility.

15. Choose a workstation that suits your activities.

16. Give your brain an opportunity to exercise and relax. Regular pit stops increase your energy levels, concentration and performance.

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