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Kensington UVC Monitor Stand

It’s worth remembering that even before the COVID-19 pandemic, your office equipment, personal devices, and workstations were already germ-laden with many different pathogens. The average keyboard and mouse are home to hundreds of different bacteria per square inch. Let’s face it, it may just be the right time to start thinking about a UVC light sanitizer as a solution.

Introducing the UVStand Monitor Stand

Sanitizing your phone regularly isn’t enough. You’ll want to ensure you sanitize every item you use every day, including your keyboard, mouse (or trackball), wallet, keys, mobile phone, tablet, and even your coffee mug. To make this easy, we developed the UVStandTM Monitor Stand as a multipurpose, safe, and secure UVC sanitization solution.

Spacious UV LED Sanitization/Storage compartment


Sanitises Keyboards, mice, mobile phones and other devices

Space for all your peripherals and devices

You can also use the UVStand as a regular storage solution, helping you declutter your messy desk while keeping your workstation safe.

Tested on certain pathogens and germs

The UVStand Monitor Stand kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. To start the process, simply place the device in the compartment, close the door, and push the start button.

Safe to use in shared office spaces

You can start every day with safe to use, clean, and freshly sanitized devices when using the UVStand.

Doubles as an ergonomic monitor stand

Our UVStand doubles as an ergonomic monitor stand, helping save space and improve your monitor’s alignment to your body, ideally at eye level for the most neutral posture.

Eliminate up to 99,9% of bacteria and viruses on the top exposed surface within 10 Minutes

Safe and Easy Operation

Sanitises at the push of a button, and will only operate when the compartment door is completely closed.

Supports Monitors up to 18kg

While promoting healthy posture and optimal comfort.


Meets or exceeds safety standards, including IEC/EN 62471 and ANSI IESNA RP 27. UL Listed. EPA Est. 98807-CHN-1.


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