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VC solutions for every meeting room

Find the right vc solutions for your meeting room.

You can probably experience firsthand in your office that not all meeting rooms are the same. Every room has its purpose and is designed accordingly. An important aspect of the design is the size of the room. Our partner Logitech, offers a simple portfolio for the entire work environment.

As a Logitech One Reseller, we have the right knowledge to assist you in designing your ideal meeting room. With the right set-up and choice of materials,  we can optimize your workplace


Before we start talking about different sized meeting rooms and the corresponding VC solutions, we want to introduce the Logitech TAP.

The Logitech TAP is a touch controller that makes video conferencing easy to install, manage, and use. It is compatible with Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and Zoom Rooms.

The Tap device is available for small, medium, and large rooms, each solution includes everything you need for easy and reliable video conferencing: a Logitech MeetUp or Rally conference camera, small form factor computer, in-wall rated cabling, and the new Logitech Tap touch controller.

The Logitech TAP is exclusively available at Discorp. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a demonstration!

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The modern workplace is all about collaboration. A good meeting is more than just a perfect presentation. It’s about connecting with the people you’re engaging with.

As you will read below, the innovative and beautifully designed vc systems from Logitech can fit every room shape or size.


These small meeting rooms are ideal for team collaboration. These rooms have unique requirements for success, including a wide-angle lens with pan and tilt to ensure everyone in the room is seen, and built-in audio to save space.

To optimize your Huddle room, Logitech suggests the Logitech Meetup. This is an all-in-one ConferenceCam with 120° diagonal field of view so you can see everyone, even those close to the camera. With integrated audio the device is complete.


To get the most out of your medium and large meeting rooms, you need a video conferencing solution that adapts to your space. These meetings rooms are where critical decisions are made, important presentations are executed, and global relationship are built.

Logitech offers modular solutions that can be configured to accommodate the shape or layout of your room. And Logitech RightSense technologies make better meetings easy and automatic, ensuring every person in the room can be seen and heard.

Medium meeting rooms

For medium rooms, Logitech suggests the Rally: a premium, modular video conferencing system with unmatched video and audio performance for mid-sized rooms.

Large meeting rooms

For large rooms, the Logitech Rally Plus can offer all you need. It is Premium, modular video conferencing system with unmatched video and audio performance. With two speakers and two mic pods, Rally Plus adapts to any room shape or layout.

Learn how we can advise you in optimizing your modern workplace every step of the way.

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