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New year – same vision

2022 has begun! Time to shortly recapitulate 2021, using a significant figure: 40%. That’s the growth of video conferencing during the last few years. Based on that fact, we can say that the way of working has changed significantly. A combination of working at the office, working from home and a lot of other alternatives became trendy. It’s no lie that 2021 was the catalyst for hybrid working, which does not just mean ‘working from home’. A lot of other aspects come across. And let’s say Discorp is the specialist when it comes to this new vision of work. So, let’s go into it! 

The key ingredients

Lots of people combine some days in the office with working the rest of the week from home. And that’s how we can summarize what hybrid working means. It’s the fact that you can work time- and location independently, and even more efficiently.

But in order to succeed, it’s important to keep some aspects in mind. Take the fact that people must always keep in touch with their colleagues. It is not that evident, given that they may be miles apart. People must feel present and involved during meetings, whether they join from a huddle room or their desk at the office, from home, or even on the go.

Fortunately, a lot of solutions are available. It all starts with a personal well-equipped workspace and the right, personal tools – from a speakerphone or a headset to a high-quality webcam. As a manager, you should provide such a workspace, with the best digital tools to guarantee high-end collaboration.

And one thing is for certain: virtual collaboration is here to stay. We’re sure a lot of new solutions are coming. To be continued in 2022…

Home office set-up

Home office

Working from home: an easy workspace, where virtual collaboration is possible and ergonomic tools are available. 

Headset – dual screen set-up – ergonomic mouse and keyboard – docking station – …

At the office

At the office

Flex desking and the hybrid workspace go hand in hand

Your office may consist of a combination of fixed and flexible workspaces. Colleagues who are combining working from home and going to the office do not always need a fixed space to work. They can share a desk, meaning you can save a lot on office space.

The benefits

This tendency offers a lot of possibilities and benefits, both for the employee itself, as for the company. The concentration increases, and therefore performance. But there are a lot of other benefits. Let’s talk about two:

Efficient travel-time spending

When working from home, you don’t lose time being stuck in traffic. And in case you are, hybrid working means you have the right collaboration tools to do your business calls on the road.

Increased productivity 

When working from home, you can work in all silence and concentrate to the fullest.

Pitfalls are there to be solved

All people are different. Some are introvert, others extravert. Some people might be too excited to go on-site – to keep real-life contact with their team members. For them, it might seem like a punishment to stay at home all day. Others are somewhat reserved during online meetings. They may feel left behind. Although, there are solutions to keep all employees enthusiastic about hybrid working.

Random conversations offer the possibility to ventilate

Since the spontaneous talks at the coffee maker fall away, extraverts still have the need to chitchat in between. To meet these needs, weekly planned conversations with their team lead or team member are the perfect alternative for that coffee klatch in real life.

One to one meetings 

It’s a fact that reserved people are not exuberantly present in virtual meetings. In a big team meeting, they are reluctant to give their opinion. But, these people are excellent communicators when it comes to one to one discussions.

Discorp is ready for 2022!

We leave 2021 behind and are up and running for a new year. Thanks to our expertise, experience, and know-how, we know exactly how to handle 2022. With new solutions in prospect, we are ready for a new year, full of new technological advantages. let’s take virtual collaboration to a whole new level!