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Our efforts in being more sustainable

Corporate Social Responsibility has gained popularity over the years as we have come to realize the importance of the environment. Companies are trying to focus not just on entrepreneurial activities related to economic performance, but also on social and environmental aspects. Discorp is also making every effort to be more sustainable. Discover how!

The 3 P's:

To be socially responsible, it is important to look at the sustainability of three things, also called the three Ps. The three principles of sustainability stand for economic profitability (profit), social responsibility (people) and environmental friendliness (planet). If a company is sustainable, it means there is an optimal balance between these three things.

1. Profit
Profitability is essential to continue to develop sustainably as a company and also to ensure long-term success.

2. People
The second principle focuses on people, both internally and externally. One of Discorp’s core values is commitment. This means we invest a lot in maintaining relationships, because without customers, partners, vendors, … and of course our employees, we would never be able to perform as well as we do. Discorp finds the well-being of their employees very important.

3. Planet
The last principle focuses on dealing responsibly with activities that can have an impact on the planet. Discorp focuses on many things to be as sustainable as possible. Want to know what we are doing to reduce its impact on the planet? Find out below! 

What we do

Reducing energy consumption
To reduce energy consumption, Discorp has installed solar panels, we have eco-glass, and lighting was renewed throughout the building.  

Reduction of CO2
To reduce emissions from transport, Discorp has hybrid cars. Also, many colleagues work from home two days a week. What became an obligation for many companies to work from home during Covid-19, we at Discorp were already doing so before (the pandemic). As a result, there are also fewer cars on the road, which decreases energy consumption.  

Sustainable purchasing
Discorp’s sustainable procurement policy ensures that employees purchase products or services in a manner that protects public health and the environment is fiscally responsible and promotes social equity, opportunities for disadvantaged businesses, and other economic benefits to the community. 

Waste reduction
We also focus on a sustainable waste policy. For example, we try to recycle empty ink cartridges and we have a cardboard press. 

Sustainable packaging
Currently, Discorp still works primarily with air cushions. These cushions are made of recycled plastic. Although these are already recycled, Discorp is always looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives. For example, we have recently started using recycled paper. The paper is completely biodegradable and better for the environment to process. 

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Extending product lifespan
Discorp tries to extend the life of products by giving them a second life. For example, we donate products that we no longer use. We just recently gifted old keyboards to a school.

EcoVadis label
To assess our corporate sustainability, last year we participated in EcoVadis‘ survey that evaluated us based on our documented evidence. Ecovadis is the only global provider of sustainability ratings. It aims to improve companies’ environmental and social practices. Discorp received a silver label in 2022, which means we were in the top 25%. We are currently in the process of renewing the label for this year. 

Making sustainability a priority

Sustainability is crucial to the future of our planet. It is up to each of us to make sustainability a priority in our daily lives. Therefore, Discorp certainly tries to take steps to reduce its impact on the environment. What are your efforts in being more sustainable?