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Prioritizing ergonomic workplaces

The impact of the environment in which you work cannot be underestimated. If you have a desk job, you naturally spend countless hours sitting. Therefore, the use of ergonomic products has become a priority in the field of office design. Learn more about the advantages that an ergonomic workplace can offer and how a few tips and basic products can go a long way to enhancing your workplace.

Meaning ergonomic workplace

Ergonomics at work is extremely important, as people often spend time sitting in the same position. Since every person has different needs to work comfortably, the meaning of an ergonomic workplace is defined as follows: “An ergonomic workplace is one that is totally adapted to the user’s needs (REFA International, 2023)”.

The benefits of ergonomic workplaces

1. Reduced risk of work-related health conditions and reduction of absenteeism
Absenteeism can have several causes both physical and mental. It is notable that a poorly designed work environment can have a major impact on employee health. Therefore, carefully designing a stimulating work environment is paramount to promote employee well-being and maximize performance.

2. Physical benefits

Support & comfort
An ergonomic workplace provides workers with the support and comfort they need for their body.

Improvement of posture
Spending hours at work seated, one can soon suffer from physical complaints. With some basic products such as an ergonomic office chair and an adjustable desk, you can significantly improve your posture.

Reduced pain
Incorporating the right ergonomic tools will help reduce muscular strain.

Improved circulation
Embracing ergonomic principles contributes not only to pain reduction but also to better blood circulation.

3. Mental benefits
In addition to improved physical comfort, these workstations also have benefits for mental well-being. For example, a well-supported workplace will allow you to perform your tasks more efficiently, which then naturally leads to increased productivity. Furthermore, it will help you relieve stress, which also contributes to a more positive mental state, ultimately increasing overall job satisfaction as well.

Use the checklist below to check if your workspace meets ergonomic standards:

1. Is your office chair in a correct sitting position?
Make sure your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are at about a 90-110° angle. To maintain a correct sitting position, be sure to use a decent office chair that you can adjust. Also, don’t forget to slide your armrests just below the table top so you can slide close enough under your desk.

Moreover, it is optimal to slightly tilt your backrest. For optimal back support, it is best to adjust the backrest between 90° and 120°. In addition, a footrest can also improve your posture and circulation by supporting your feet.

2. Is the correct table height set?
Set your desk at elbow height to create a relaxed sitting position.

3. Is your monitor, laptop or tablet at the correct eye level?
Place the top of your device just slightly below eye level. To relieve strain on your neck and back, a laptop stand raises your laptop to a more comfortable eye level, easing pressure on your neck and back. Furthermore, keep the distance from your screen at least one arm’s length.

4. Do you work with two screens?
For a better multitasking experience, consider a dual-monitor setup, especially if you often work with multiple screens. Get this done by integrating monitor arms into your desk for flexible positioning. In addition, place the primary screen you use directly in front of you for optimal efficiency.

5. Do you use an ergonomic mouse, keyboard and mouse pad?
Use a wireless mouse and place it in front of your shoulder. Moreover, having a separate keyboard will help increase your efficiency. For extra comfort, a mouse pad with heat insulation can make a significant difference.

Apart from these practices that already go a long way toward making your workplace more ergonomic, there are many other things you can do to promote your health. Don’t forget to stay active by, for example, alternating sufficiently between sitting and standing, taking regular walks, and so on.

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In conclusion, giving priority to ergonomic products is an investment in your overall well-being. Is your workstation in need of ergonomic products? We provide a wide range of solutions to optimize your workplaces. Please feel free to contact us so we can provide tailored advice.


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