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Privacy begins on screen

Prevent unauthorised viewing with a Kensington Privacy Screen Filter

Visual hacking is an easy way for your organisation’s data to get in to the wrong hands. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in full force and large organisations all over the world are receiving fines for data breaches. To avoid this, it should be a priority for all IT departments to ensure that privacy filters are provided to all employees, especially those that are working outside of the office.

Kensington privacy filters reduce the risk of exposing sensitive and valuable information to unwanted viewers. Whether on the move or in the office, there is no need to change your usual working position to protect your data from prying eyes. Work without disruption with a Kensington Privacy Screen Filter.

A Kensington Privacy Screen Filter – An Essential Security Tool

As mobile working becomes more popular and the use of high-definition screens increases, so does the risk that confidential data may be exposed to unauthorised onlookers. A covert experiment in various work environments revealed the following results.

Visual hacking is easy

Computer screens are at risk

It often goes unnoticed

In 9/10 cases, confidential data was accessed

More than half of the attacks result from the lack of screen protection

The hacker was not challenged in over two out of three attempts

Benefits of using a Kensington Privacy Screen Filter

Limited Viewing Angle

Easy Attachment

Blue Light Filter

Touchscreen Compatible


Effective Screen Protection

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