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It’s time to reimagine the way you work

Work is not static
it’s dynamic and changes quickly

Our workplaces are changing. By 2017, 70% of all U.S. offices were open plan.

Open workspaces has helped companies to be more innovative, creative and better at knowledge sharing. However, it also brought challenges like decreased productivity and increased noise, interruptions and distractions.


started using a headset or
changed to a new one, due
to increased office noise


use an audio device during a workday for participating in conference calls


use a headset or headphones to concentrate without distraction

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So we think it’s time to reimagine the way you work supported by Sennheiser!

Impact – when talk matters

Sennheiser has a series of premium audio tools. Perfect to improve efficiency and deliver excellent customer experiences in case of spending long hours talking on the phone in a dynamic office space.

SDW 5066 - Lifestyle Picture - Shoot 3

Adapt  – work your way

Need to make flawless business calls from anywhere? This series of premium audio solutions got your back. Designed to enhance concentration and stay focused. With this series, working and stay focused in a noisy office or busy airport is possible.

Expand – seamless collaboration

This series of audio tools for collaboration is specially designed to address the varying need for professionals to work together. No matter what locations and time zones.

SP30+ kleiner

Learn how we can advise you in optimizing your modern
workplace every step of the way.