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Behind the scenes: The remodeling

Have a look behind the scenes.

In 25 years, Discorp has grown significantly. Not only by the number of employees but also in the products we offer.

In order to keep offering the best service, we have the following planned:

  • Expanding the offices of our Logistics Department: to keep up with the expansion of this important branch in our company, we will build a bigger office where the flow of orders can easily be translated into packages, ready to be shipped.
  • Rebuilding our Experience room: since we have so much to demonstrate, we want to build a new room that can display all our ICT hardware solutions
  • Remodelling our meeting room: since the optimization of the workplace is our core business, we want to welcome our clients in a modern meeting room. Our biggest, groundfloor conference room will, therefore, be restyled.


April 25 – We have emptied our meeting room and experience room, ready for construction.

May 8th – After only 2 days, we can already see a lot of progress. Walls have come down and the new layout of the rooms is already visible.

The picture on the left gives a preview of the new office of our Logistics department. The picture on the right shows how the experience room has lost one of its walls.

May 17 – We have almost survived the demolition works. All unnecessary walls have been torn down and the floor is nothing but concrete.

On the left picture, you can see a picture taken from the former meeting room, without the wall that is. You can see the entrance and stairs leading to the sales floor.

The picture on the right is back to front Photo. You can see the entrance all the way from the Logistics department.

May 22 – Besides the plumbing, you can already see new walls popping up, giving a first glimpse of the definitive layout.

On the left, you can see a picture taken from the new experience room. The metal frame will be transformed into a wall, separating the kitchen area from the demo room.

On the right, you can see a picture of the new meeting room, positioned on the front side of the building, next to the entrance. The new layout is becoming more visible.

May 24 – More walls!

The frames have been filled up and are becoming real structures that divide the experience room with the meeting room on one side and the new logistics department on the other side.

June 13 – Floor

The structure of the experience room, logistics department, kitchen, lavatories and meeting room are ready. The pipes and cabling are now hidden and the new floor is ready to be laid out.

June 26 – Cabinets

Our empty walls are getting new closets! The kitchen cabinets are getting installed and it is now clear where we can wash our hands in the lavatory. The Logistics department does not need to worry about a lack of closet space.

In the last picture, you can notice a strange looking object beneath our stairs. Do you know what this is? This instrument allows you to make a private phone call while not being disturbed or heard by anyone else. It is a device that simulates ANC!

PREVIEW – To give you a little insight on how it will look like when it all will be finished, you can find a sneak peek of the Logistic Department and the experience room below.


During the renovations, you are still welcome at our office, where we can demonstrate our products in an alternative experience room. We have also moved our meeting room upstairs.


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