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Technical team goes international

Did you know that Discorp sometimes goes abroad to install meeting spaces? Two technicians from our Technical Team, Simon and Michael, left for the Nordics for almost three weeks. Curious to know what they were doing there? Follow their trip report below! 


On Sunday, the 13th of November, Simon and Michael were at the start of a great adventure. They drove with one of our Discorp vans, filled with ICT hardware from Wijnegem to Sweden where they could begin their long, but also fun, working trip. How good that burger tasted after such a long trip!

On Monday and Tuesday, they installed four rooms, one of which was meeting room Gripsholm. The combination of different brands like Poly and Logitech, guaranteed a tailor-made solution for each meeting room.


Another 165 km down the road, they arrived in Sundyberg on Tuesday evening. After transforming four large rooms and one huddle room into true showpieces during the rest of the work week, it was time to relax and explore the city. They took long walks in the beautiful countryside and searched for authentic food. On Saturday, they visited Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, where they strolled around a food market and discovered typical delicacies. The amount of fish in particular was remarkable.


After their day in Stockholm, they continued their journey in the evening on the night boat to the land of a thousand lakes “Finland”. Quite a job awaited them in Espoo on Monday, as they had to accommodate no less than eight large meeting rooms with Poly and Logitech products. In two days, they worked very hard to have everything ready. Well done, men!


On Wednesday it was time to leave cold Espoo and head for a long drive to an even slightly colder Kajaani. They stayed in a hotel that they thought looked like a Haunted House. In Kajaani, they had a little less work ahead of them: they only had to occupy two rooms. Not much time to explore the city, as the technicians already had to drive on to Trondheim in Norway. To stretch their legs, they went into the woods for another nice walk.


During the drive to Norway, they came across some other beautiful places. A beautiful frozen lake for example, that they couldn’t resist exploring.  Over the weekend, they went out to Trondheim. Simon likes to inspect the typical authentic cuisine, which occasionally put Michael in a hangry mood.

On Monday the 28th, the technicians installed three rooms with Rally Bars from Logitech, Sony screens, and the Poly Studio USB in combination with docking stations from Kensington. The next day, they headed to their very last stop.


In Oslo, they installed the 24th and final space of their trip. After their last installation, it was time to leave Norway by ferry for Denmark. One more long drive towards Belgium and so after three productive weeks, their beautiful working trip to the Nordics came to an end. Good job, Simon and Michael! Having crossed five countries and installed 24 meeting rooms, they finally arrived back in Wijnegem on 1st December. Welcome back guys!