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The power of teambuilding

“A motivated employee is a productive employee.” That’s fully true when we talk about the performance of a team or business. Another important aspect that contributes to the productivity is the relationship and communication between colleagues. And that is exactly what we’ve missed last year. The long period of teleworking made us feel isolated from our teammates. So, the time is high to get back on track and socialize with our co-workers again. Activities on and off the job play a crucial role here. So, teambuildings to the rescue! 

Communication is key

For some of us, telework might seem like a godsent. For others, it feels more like a punishment. But we can’t deny that it leads to a blur in the bond between colleagues, which results in weaker communication and therefore reduced productivity. To respond to that, Discorp provides the right communication tools: professional headsets or personal videos are the first steps to strengthening the team spirit while teleworking. But these tools are not enough to optimize the relationship between teammates.

Communication is key, and socializing between team members improves communication patterns by more than 50% (Alexis, 2021). Organizations should therefore definitely reinforce that social element by, guess what, teambuilding.

The DNA of a successful team

Beside communication, a lot of other aspects come across when defining a successful team. Trust and respect, for example, are some other key ingredients for good collaboration. Here again, we are at teambuildings. There even is scientific evidence that team buildings contribute to stronger relations and more trust between team members. That, in turn, leads to better performances. If that isn’t a win-win! Give power to your team and see the magic happen.

Teambuilding in practice

A teambuilding shouldn’t be something big or spectacular. A simple afterwork on Friday afternoon, or a food truck for a delicious lunch are already enough to boost the team spirit. But once in a while, a special event may be a good idea to keep your employees enthusiastic. It not only brings members within one team closer together, it goes over different teams, too.

We, at Discorp, tried it ourselves: we organized our own teambuilding. In the weeks before the big day, nobody was informed about the activity, what led to any excitement. Only the day itself, on the bus, we got to know where we were going: a prison escape room was on the schedule, followed by a walking dinner in a cozy bar.

We unanimously agreed that it was a successful evening filled with laughter, good talks, and delicious food and drinks. And most important: a stronger bond between departments and teammates. Mission accomplished!