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The remodeling Part 2

Have a look behind the scenes.

The renovations in our office started a few months ago.  Our Experience room, logistics department, lavatory and kitchen are not to be recognized.

In this post we would like to share some pictures of the process.


The discorpteam has grown significantly over the years. Even though we are a bigger group, we still like to join each other for lunch. With the renovations, our kitchen is now modernized and spacious to fit us all.


An important aspect of our office is the Experience room. Testing and demonstrating the products to our clients enhances our knowledge as well as the knowledge of our customers.

This way we can assist you in making the best choices in optimizing your office.


First impressions matter! So does the first steps into our office. We chose to haven an open entrance where a welcome screen informs our visitors about the available meeting rooms.


More people also means more facilities. We chose to accentuate the green color in the lavatories. #ProudToBeGreen


To optimize the workforce in our Logistics department, we had to expand the office layout. On both sides of the wall, we have added a lot of closet space that blends in beautifully.

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