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Who offers the best ‘employee experience’?

It is impossible to imagine the future workplace without home offices. But this shift to remote working may not affect the ease of use. A satisfied employee is gold, and that is why ‘employee experience’ became the new adage. This trend is exactly the common thread between Poly and Discorp.

Do you remember the so-called bubble in certain enterprises, where you could work close together? That is definitely ancient history. Businesses are looking for the right solution to find balance between remote working and working at the office. Large buildings become smaller, because it works. And the return on investment is obvious.

The importance of well-being

Zoom-, Teams- and other solutions have proved that it isn’t about the most expensive video conference systems. More important is the employee’s well-being. Professional tools – from laptop to microphone – , a headset or any other device offer employees a tailor-made solution for their home office. In this way, not only the well-being, but also the ease of use is guaranteed. Moreover, the quality of these tools has greatly increased. The cost of such workspace? Between 5.000 and 10.000 euros.

“It really is annoying to have communication issues in the middle of a meeting. ‘Employee experience’ is therefore more popular than ever.”
– Sebastiaan Hoogstadt, Sales Director Benelux of Poly

Close partnership; the key to success

The good thing is, there is a market player who can easily equip you with this whole professional workspace: Poly, created after Polycom acquired Plantronics in the summer of 2008. To express in figures: the company has about 4.500 employees and a 2-billion-dollar revenue worldwide.

In 2021, Discorp could proudly announce that they won The Poly Platinum Award as best distributor in the Benelux.

The company distributes all of the Poly products, which makes them unique. The engagement between the two partners is outstanding, the partnership therefore really close.

A booming market

“I used to meet the IT-manager and the responsible of infrastructure in particular, but nowadays, HR is mostly involved too. More and more, we play an advisory role in this whole story”, explains Michel Rammeloo, General Manager of Discorp. “More than half the sales goes to headsets”, adds Sebastiaan Hoogstadt, Sales Director Benelux of Poly. everyone wants his own headset, adapted to his or her own needs. Hoogstadt really sees a booming market here. “Employees must be equipped with excellent devices, and the ease of use should be equal for everyone. It really is annoying to have communication issues in the middle of a meeting. ‘Employee experience’ is therefore more popular than ever. Satisfied employees are gold, that became quite clear the last few years.” And an extra sidenote from Michel Rammeloo: “When I have my headphones on, my grandchildren know: Grandpa is working”. That too is part of the employee experience.