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    Our dedicated team

    Michel Rammeloo

    General Manager

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    Stephanie Rammeloo

    Managing Partner

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    Patrik Dekrijger

    Sales & Marketing Manager

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    Jan Brusselle

    External Account Manager

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    Bart Verelst

    External Account Manager

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    Our new colleague

    External Account Manager

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    Tim Drijkoningen

    Project Manager

    Contact Tim

    Simon Vankrunkelsven

    Technical Manager

    Contact Simon

    Pieter Meysmans

    Service Engineer

    Contact Pieter

    Sanne Arnouts

    Finance & HR Manager

    Contact Sanne

    Cathy Cardinael

    Internal Account Manager

    Contact Cathy

    Karin Dom

    Internal Account Manager

    Contact Karin

    Inez Bartels

    Internal Account Manager

    Contact Inez

    Sofie Goris

    Marketing Specialist

    Contact Sofie

    Marie-Laure Laureyns

    Marketing Assistant

    Contact Marie-Laure

    Maarten Smits

    Procurement Officer

    Contact Maarten

    Stefanie Druyts

    Procurement Officer

    Contact Stefanie

    Jelle Pauwels

    Logistics Manager

    Contact Jelle

    Susie Verdonck

    Administrative Coordinator

    Contact Susie

    Veerle Maes

    Administrative & Aftersales Coordinator

    Contact Veerle

    Björn De Laet

    Logistics and Aftersales Coordinator

    Contact Björn

    Bob Van Roy

    Logistics Coordinator

    Contact Bob

    Helena van der Maas

    Administrative Coordinator

    Contact Helena

    Inias De Jonge

    Logistics Coordinator

    Contact Inias