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Professional as always

EPOS helps you stay “Professional as Always”

Because professional appearance had been challenged this year

In the last 12 months, the lives of working professionals have transformed. Hybrid working is now a reality and it’s a way of working many have dreamt of for years. The flexible approach, in theory, promises individuals better control of their time and money, and freedom to fit work around life. While, for businesses, the potential efficiencies of reduced travel and a more flexible workforce look attractive.

Collaboration technology is at the heart of the hybrid working revolution. By acknowledging the powerful role of audio and visual technology, we can eradicate distractions and focus on communicating content and enhancing human interaction in our meetings – and make that the professional standard we all aspire to.

Find out more about the range of audio and video solutions from EPOS for every kind of meeting.

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Virtual versus physical – progressive businesses will embrace the best
of both worlds.

For many of those returning to the workplace for all or part of their time, getting together in physical meetings rooms will be a welcome return. However, we are now used to the benefits of virtual interactions. We expect to have seamless, collaborative meetings with colleagues from around the world, not just in our local office. So where meetings with small physical groups will return, calling in remote working colleagues will also be standard practice, making virtual collaborations a key component of hybrid working from now on.

Ensure the ‘human connection’ with the Expand Vision 3T

Meet Jamal

Expand Vision 3T

  • All-in-one video collaboration solution for today’s smart office
  • One-touch join. No PC needed
  • Perform like you’re there with full HD video and voice pick-up and noise cancelation from beamforming microphones
  • Plug and play solution with automatic software updates and remote device management for easy provisioning and maintenance

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Audio technology is the foundation for a new world of business, where what we say takes center stage

Solving technology pain points like bad audio connections could go long a way to persuading employees that virtual meetings can be just as good as the real thing.

Because bad audio is bad business. Meet the Adapt series.

Meet John
60 %
60 %
of decision makers believe better sound will help them retain clients
66 %
66 %
Believe good audio will prevent extra time required setting technology up
56 %
56 %
believe good audio will prevent moments of stress at work
67 %
67 %
believe good audio will prevent frustration and irritation at work

Adapt 660

Maximize your focus and productivity anywhere. With ADAPT 600 –the ultimate wireless headset for personal audio with superb call clarity, stereo sound and adaptive ANC.

Experience a headset that places you at the center of an immersive, personalized audio experience–combining state-of-the-art technology, Danish design and your will to succeed.

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