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EPOS is an audio and video solution company developing and selling devices for business professionals and the gaming community.


EPOS delivers high-end audio and video solutions for business professionals and the gaming community.

The establishment of EPOS follows the demerge of Sennheiser Communications – the joint venture between Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG and Demant A/S. Alongside the introduction of an own-branded portfolio, EPOS continues to sell the Sennheiser Communications portfolio co-branded as EPOS I SENNHEISER.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, EPOS is part of Demant – a world-leading audio and hearing technology group.


EPOS is derived from Latin and ancient Greek and is used to describe epic stories, speech and poetry. 

The name encapsulates the dedication to create solutions that enable ways of communication through the Power of Audio™.


EPOS strives to unleash human potential by perfecting audio experiences.

EPOS truly believes that they can make humans go even further, perform even better and experience even more.


EPOS develops premium solutions that deliver excellent audio experiences so individuals and teams can reach their goals and perform better.

It’s not just about the technology. It’s about the impact and change EPOS promises to deliver.

Sound you can trust

Clear sound in any environment is important for doing business. With innovative voice enhancement technologies, EPOS allows you to hear and be heard perfectly, making it a lot easier to perform at work.

Whether it’s talking to customers, working across time zones or listening in when decisions need to be made, it’s about communicating and collaborating with efficiency.

It’s about equipment that delivers a seamless audio experience, so nothing or no one is misunderstood.

Bad Audio hurts

95% of end-users and decision makers experience at least one auditory pain point at work on a regular basis, according to new research by global market research firm  IPSOS  and  high-end audio brand EPOS.

5 hours and 18 minutes are spent weekly on activities related to sound and meetings

29 minutes are lost every week, per employee due to poor sound quality on voice calls

Bad Audio is Bad Business

"Can you hear me"

69% use time on clarification due to poor quality sound on calls


34% of end users experience frustration from bad sound

"Can you repeat that?"

50% state disruption caused by loud colleagues is an issue

"I did not understand you"

20% have experienced dissatisfied clients due to poor sound quality


48% find a generally loud working environment problematic

"Can we reschedule?"

95% Admit concentration and efficiency at work suffer due to sonic setbacks

New EPOS branded portfolio

ADAPT 360_lifestyle_08 (1)
ADAPT 460_lifestyle_15 (1)
ADAPT 560_lifestyle_02 (1)
ADAPT 660_lifestyle_07 (1)

Versatile Audio Solutions

When the world is your office, enjoy a line of versatile audio solutions that work your way.

Ensure flawless business calls and boost your concentration with headsets that offer Hybrid Adaptive ANC and optimized music experiences while you work.

Adapt 300 series

Work your way in style

With ANC technology Adapt 300 helps you concentrate in busy open offices and boosts productivity on-the-go. Ensure clear business calls with a solution optimized for UC and switch easily between devices as you multitask. Enjoy over-the-ear design and ergonomic ear pads that add noise dampening and long-lasting comfort.

Wherever your work schedule takes you, performance and convenience are on hand with up to 46 hours of battery life and foldable design that is easy to store and pack. Empower your performance with professional quality and sleek, comfortable design in black or white to suit your style.

Benefits & features

Concentrate in noisy environments. Thanks to Active Noise Cancellation that reduces background noise to increase your work focus

Ensure clear calls with a certified solution Pending certification for Microsoft Teams*and optimized for UC.

Switch effortlessly between your favorite devices with multi-point connectivity to any two Bluetooth® devices simultaneously.

Enjoy stylish, comfortable design. On and off work with a contemporary look in black or white and soft, ergonomic ear pads for lasting comfort.

High-quality stereo sound and reliable performance. Stream stereo music at work or on your commute and benefit from up to 46hours of battery life.


Contemporary designPremium Audio experienceExceptional noise cancellation

Launch Microsoft Teams instantly

Clearer office and mobile calls

Reduce distracting noise

Convenient and extremely portable

Protect your headset with pouch

Benefit from easy charging

Firmware updates when it suits you

Adapt 400 series

Take great sound anywhere

The Adapt 400 series introduces the first in-ear neckband headset from EPOS. Keep moving, stay focused and be productive with an in-ear, neckband headset that delivers rich, natural sound and ANC whether at work or commuting.

On your daily commute or in the open office –choose a headset that ensures you can adapt seamlessly to the world around you and fulfill your professional potential.

Benefits & features

Boost your productivity with ANC. In-ear neckband headset to maintain concentration in noisy environments with an advanced 4 microphone ANC system.

Clear business calls –UC optimized solution. Impressive sound with a pending Microsoft Teams certification*/UC optimized solution and subtle vibrating neckband signaling incoming calls.

Enjoy superior comfort and fit. Lightweight construction and comfortable earbuds with a choice of 4 ear tips, plus versatile single or double-sided use.

Stay connected to your favorite devices. Multi-point connectivity to 2 actively paired Bluetooth® devices and 8 devices in the pairing list.

Talk all day with up to 14hours of talk time.

Superior comfortSleek stylish designFour microphone hybrid ANC system

Bluetooth dongle

Ease of use

Easy transportation & storage

Stay in touch with your surroundings

Never miss a call

Adapt 500 series

Stay Agile, achieve more

Cut through the noise and make your presence felt. The ADAPT 500 headset keeps you productive in open offices, or on the move. Get clearer calls with the discreet boom arm for excellent speech intelligibility and use ANC in noisy situations to focus.

Boost your productivity. The soft, on-ear wearing style creates all-day comfort and the portable design gives you a handy, stylish, yet business grade audio tool. Make the most of your working day with a headset that adapts to the way you work and boosts your productivity.

Benefits & features

Get clearer calls on demand. The discreet, foldable boom arm and two advanced microphones optimize voice pick up for clearer office and mobile calls.

Concentrate anytime, anywhere with ANC. Four ANC microphones reduce background noise to increase work focus, together with plush ear pads for good sound isolation.

Ensure clear calls with UC certified solution Pending certification for Microsoft Teams*and optimized for UC.

Work your way. Portable design that works the way you do with discreet boom arm, music performance, noise cancellation and long battery life.

Enjoy comfort and convenience. Soft, on-ear wearing style for all-day comfort. Ear cups rotate and dual-foldable design fits neatly into the handy carry case.

Talk-throughComfortable, on-ear wearing styleDiscreet boom arm

Smart discrete boom arm

Switch effortlessly between your favorite devices

Launch Microsoft Teams instantly

Stay in touch with your surroundings

Up to 46 hours battery life

Store easily with portable carry case

Adapt 600 series

Work wherever, whenever

Maximize your focus and productivity anywhere. With ADAPT 600 –the ultimate wireless headset for personal audio with superb call clarity, stereo sound and adaptive ANC.

Experience a headset that places you at the center of an immersive, personalized audio experience–combining state-of-the-art technology, Danish design and your will to succeed.

Benefits & features

Superb call clarity powered by EPOS AI™. Machine learning developed algorithms optimize voice pick up, for a natural listening experience from 3 advanced microphones.

Regain concentration anytime, anywhere. 4 adaptive ANC microphone system monitors your working environment and adjusts noise reduction in open offices, while reducing wind noise outdoors.

Get organized with Alexa. Tap and hold to activate Alexa and stay on top of your day-to-day business. Never miss a meeting and plan your schedule both in and out of the office.

Ensure clear calls with UC certified solution Pending certification for Microsoft Teams*and optimized for UC.

Experience superior sound to increase your focus. Renowned stereo sound and a personalized audio profile means you can enjoy high-quality music to help your focus on work.

Machine learning microphoneSmart sidetoneAdaptive ANC

Enhanced call quality

Switch effortlessly between your favorite devices

Dedicated button for Microsoft Teams

Designed for mobile workers

Enjoy high-quality streaming

Stay in touch with your surroundings

Benefit from 30 hours of battery life

Simply swipe and tap

Convenient charging and headset storage

Manage updates and settings on-the-go