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Business display solutions

Switch to smarter presentations

Epson, the market leader in projectors since 2001, offers display solutions with a superior viewing experience compared to flat panel screens, helping to increase audience engagement.

Introducing a wide range of innovative features for enhanced image quality, reliability and flexibility, Epson’s solutions are the clear choice.
Large, scalable displays to create agile working environments in a variety of spaces. Enjoy hassle-free connectivity for users and seamless connectivity to existing IT infrastructures.

Unrestricted viewing experiences

A relaxed viewing environment helps the audience concentrate on the information presented. Epson display solutions avoid the glare, blind spots and fingerprints associated with screens and can be viewed without obstruction from anywhere in the room, creating equal opportunities and engagement for all.

Great content and the right display size

The right display size for your room maximises audience engagement. Unlike fixed flat panel displays, Epson’s scalable solutions project incredible quality displays up to 500″

Hassle-free connectivity

Epson display solutions offer both wired and wireless connectivity, and our iProjection App makes it easy for people to stream and share from their own devices.

Outstanding quality

Project vivid, engaging images in up to Full HD, even in brightly lit rooms, with Epson 3LCD technology. The high resolution and high contrast ratios deliver rich colours and brightness up to three times that of 1-chip DLP projectors.

An end to maintenance cycles

Epson’s fit-and-forget display solutions combine performance with reliability, meaning lower costs, longer life cycles and impressive warranties of up to five years. You can count up to 17,000 hours life for lamps and up to 30,000 hours for laser light sources.

A sustainable IT choice with TCO Certified

Unlike flat panels, many of our business projectors are TCO Certified. This is an independent affirmation that Epson is making responsible choices and reaching sustainability standards that are recognised across the globe.

Business Projectors

Epson has the best projectors for your business, from education solutions to conference room projectors.

Meeting Room

For boardrooms and medium to large meeting rooms with ambient light, Epson has network projectors with web monitor-and-control features.


The newest low-cost laser projectors are made for today’s teaching environment and create immersive, laser-focused learning…
Wherever you are.

Meeting Room Projectors

Bring people, places and information together

These meeting solutions give everyone the power to make connections, share information and get involved in meeting quickly and easily. Because of the changing working environments, it’s important to make sure the callers also feel involved during the meeting. With the business projectors, callers can annotate content thanks to the finger-touch and dual-pen compatibility, while content and even screen sharing from smartphones, tablets and laptops are easy.

Create and innovate

Collaborate more effectively

Share information

Make your meeting spaces the best collaboration rooms.

Redefine corporate presenting with projectors that deliver perfect big-screen images and make it easy to get your message across in any meeting space or boardroom. The Epson projectors deliver scalable image size for your audience and show every detail in bright, colourful detail wherever you present.

Even on larger displays and a high resolution, everyone can see what’s presented to them, encouraging greater participation and collaboration. 

You can connect your whiteboard via HDMI and project the image onto a larger secondary screen. Via a web browser, you can view content and annotate directly from up to 15 laptops or tablets and then save, send or print. Whiteboard functionality can also be kept secure with password protection. 

With the on-screen dual finger touch control across the entire screen, you can turn meetings into lively discussions. The projectors allow you to project onto just about any flat surface including tabletops. Discuss and develop ideas, then save and print the results or just e-mail documents directly to your MS Outlook contacts with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol support. 

Wireless connectivity allows whiteboards and other content sharing, and remote annotation from smartphones, tablets and laptops. Share content effortlessly via screen mirroring.


Boost learning through interactivity

Epson’s interactive teaching solutions make it easy to display and edit a wide range of content. Annotate presentations in real-time, write, draw and add comments and answer directly on screen, as well as saving and sharing collaborative work.

Keep focused with PC-free annotation mode for instant access to whiteboard functions, and take direct control of your document camera from the projector.

Easy connect to PCs, DVD players, document cameras and more with multiple HDMI inputs. You can change sources quickly and maintain lesson flow using the home screen that gives you access to key projector functions and controls.

Easily share content between class members with the multi-PC function which enables up to 50 people to share content from their PCs. The enhanced moderator function gives the teacher an easy way to choose up to four of them for display on the screen at the same time.

Create a huge ultra-wide screen interactive surface with two projectors working seamlessly together. Multiscreen interactivity means that the full image area can still be used for interactive features. 

Add depth to learning with our split-screen feature that can show content from two different sources, such as a lesson plan from a PC and a still image or video clip from a document camera.

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EB-725W Projector

EB-735Fi Projector

EB-L200W Projector