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Flexible working

Jabra is the professional choice – wherever you work.

Do you still know what it’s like to ‘go’ to work? Work is no longer a place where you go to, it’s what you do, from home, on the go or in the (flex)office. Thanks to Unified Communication (UC) platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom people can work everywhere. Make sure your employees have the right tools to work where they want.

Research shows 54% of the business leaders consider to make remote work permanently.
(source:PwC US CFO Pulse Survey)

Why do you need a professional headset?

Professional certified headsets are designed to collaborate in contrast to the consumer headsets who are made to listen to music. For an employee, this means more concentration, productivity and ease of use (plug and play). The IT manager or department has fewer problems to solve and can manage and update the headsets from one spot. For the organisation, this means higher productivity and a more professional appearance during a conversation. At least you don’t want your employees to have disturbed conversations because of ambient noise.

Advantages for the user

Works directly with UC platforms (Plug & Play)

The best call quality thanks to noise canceling microphones

Passive and Active Noise Cancellation for concentration

Physical buttons on headset for answering / hanging up calls, mute and volume louder and quieter. (call control)

Dual connectivity, simultaneously connected to PC and smartphone

Greater and more stable wireless range thanks to Bluetooth dongle

Advantages for the IT Manager

Fewer IT tickets due to plug & play functionality

1st line support from Jabra and UC platforms such as MS Teams

Free asset management software for remote management of headsets via Jabra Express

Wide portfolio of headsets, a suitable choice for every employee


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Hear the difference

Jabra has an ultra-modern sound laboratory which mimics a noisy office environment. The soundtrack with office conversations is playing through a speakerphone in a fake head. Each product is tested exactly the same way with the same soundtrack with office conversations, where the performance of the microphone is recorded, to show how the conversation sounds for your interlocutor.

We wanted you to experience the difference through the two following videos.

Meet the professionals – let’s find out what fits for you.

The choice of a headset is personal and depends on, among other things, the working environment, the preferred wearing style, the mobility and flexibility of the employee. We are happy to help you map the user profiles within your organization and select and test the headsets. This ensures that the investment in both the hardware and your UC platform is being utilized.

Biz Dev Ben – Evolve2 85

The Evolve2 85 is an over-ear headset with Digital Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation. The headset has a battery life of 37 hours. The Bluetooth signal goes up to 30 meters.

Creative Cameron – Evolve2 65

The Evolve2 65 is an over-ear headset. This headset has a battery life of 37 hours. The Bluetooth connection goes up to 30 meters.

Operations Olivia – Evolve2 40

The Evolve2 40 is a corded on-ear headset that is available in USB-A or USB-C connection.

Legal Laura – Speak 750

The Speak 750 is your partner in providing the sound for a quick call in meetings up to 6 people. The battery lasts 11 hours and the Bluetooth connection goes up to 30 meters.

Finance Freddie – Evolve 80

The Evolve 80 is an over-ear headset with Active Noise Cancellation. This one is wired with a USB 3.5mm jack.

Coordinating Chloë – Evolve 75

The Evolve 75 is an on-ear headset with Active Noise Cancellation. The headset has a battery life of 18 hours. The Bluetooth connection goes up to 30 meters.

HR Hannah – Evolve 65

The Evolve 65 is an on-ear headset with a battery life of 14 hours. The Bluetooth connection goes up to 30 meters.

Customer Service Christine – Engage 50

The Engage 50 is an on-ear headset which is ideal for long conversations. It a corded one with a USB-C connection and it also provides call analytics.

The combination of Jabra and Microsoft offers a seamless communication and collaboration experience. They developed their audio and video solutions in close cooperation with Microsoft. That way they can give you the best possible user experience.

Bring your Zoom Meetings, Zoom phone, Zoom Rooms to the next level with Jabra. Their Zoom-certified products are as easy as plug-and-play so you can spend your dedicated time to collaborate. Whether you’re working at home, in the office, on the road or in a shared meeting room, Jabra has the device that suits your situation.

As an independent solution provider, we will advise you in finding the right tools for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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