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Hybrid Working

Previously, ‘Work’ was an office or a place. In this next normal, a hybrid workplace exists between home and the office, with a need to be productive wherever we are – at home, at the office, or on the move.

Discorp can advise you on and implement innovative work solutions to best support your workforce, wherever they are.

The 3 pillars of digital transformation


Hybrid working is the new norm, and it is essential that companies start thinking of how to utilize new technologies to empower employees, understand customers, rework their business processes, and develop their products in a smarter way.

Culture & Leadership

Company leaders have no choice but to adopt a new mindset. Digital savviness at the board and management becomes increasingly important when it comes to optimization and added value creation.

IT Infrastructure & Workplace Design

Technology can support companies in their digital transformation. By optimizing your IT infrastructure and workplaces, you can maximize your employees’ wellness & productivity.

Home Office

Teleworking is more than a trend. More and more employees choose to work from home.

The equipment of your home office is more important for your productivity than you might think.

Whether you work at home every day or just occasionally, you need office furniture, supplies, and specific equipment to create a fully-fledged workplace.

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Collaboration & Communication

Efficient communication in times of fragmented teams, remote working, and flexible projects are one of the biggest challenges for organizations.

Work as a team better together no matter where you are, without compromising on quality, productivity, or the creativity that comes from collaboration.

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