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Jabra makes life sound better.

At Jabra, they engineer with purpose shaped by inspiration and ambition, desire and ambition. It’s what their company has been doing for 150 years. Jabra is the only company creating consumer headphones, professional headsets and hearing aids under one roof. They’ve always been fascinated by sound, wanting to make life sound better by discovering new technologies. They don’t just engineer products; they engineer better ways of doing things.

Office headsets

Wired and wireless calls,
music and concentration

Call-center headsets

Noise cancelling microphones
and all day comfort


Wired and wireless speakerphones
and video camera for your meetings

Headsets for high-noise environments

Blueparrott headsets wired and wireless for high-noise environments like on the road, warehouse, …

PanaCast 50

With more people working remotely, it’s more important than ever to be able to instantly connect with your colleagues no matter where they are.

Find out more about the PanaCast 50

Office headsets


Jabra’s task-based solutions are for back-office functions like marketing, R&D, supply chain, etc. whose work requires a high degree of concentration throughout the day. These solutions are also geared towards those who often need to share their knowledge with colleagues and external stakeholders through online-based communication.

Jabra engineered the New Standard. The Evolve2 series.

Jabra Evolve2 Series

Call-center headsets


The call centric solutions are for agents, civil servants, traders and financial advisors who listen and talk for a living over the phone with customers to raise customer satisfaction by solving their problems. Conversation is key to their work, and they increasingly need to perform in calls in noisy environments that also allows for concentration prior to calls. 

Jabra Engage Series



Perfect for social distancing in small meeting rooms.

Over 50% of meetings now occur in small meeting/huddle rooms. With a screen and the right collaboration technology, they’re perfect for meetings with colleagues in the office, home and across continents. To make it feel like it’s a face-to-face meeting you can combine the Panacast with the Jabra Speak 710 for an optimal video and audio experience.

Jabra PanaCast Jabra Speak2 Series


All the Jabra solutions are fully compatible with your softphone client, and give you added functionality such as remote call control to multiple devices.

Jabra Software

Jabra has some software and services to help you get the most out of your headset. You can always ask our sales for more information.

Jabra Direct

Jabra Direct is desktop software that lets you personalise, update and manage your Jabra headset from your computer. It also gives you the ability to control your softphone calls directly from your headset.

Jabra Xpress

Jabra Xpress is a web-based solution that lets you remotely deploy software and firmware and update settings for a large number of Jabra USB headsets.


We advise you to contact our sales to find the perfect headset that meets your requirements.

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