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Kensington anticipates the needs and challenges of the ever-evolving workplace and craft professional-tier award-winning solutions for organizations committed to providing peak professionals the tools they need to thrive.

Trusted for more than 35 years as The Professionals’ Choice, Kensington prides itself on three timeless core values:


Through meticulous research, design, and engineering, Kensington solutions meet the ever-changing performance and compatibility needs of today’s professional.


The Kensington Engineering team has three decades of experience in high-volume manufacturing of hardware IT products. Rigorous test cycles and quality control means all products are tested above industry standards.


Kensington’s clients are around the world, and include companies large and small. Every customer is treated as a top-tier professional, no exceptions.


Work From Home- Like A Pro

Since we seem to be spending a lot more time at our home offices, It is time you create a productive and comfortable workspace wherever you need to work. Let’s find out how you can work like a pro!

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Pro Fit Bluetooth Compact Mouse

Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity

Comfortable ambidextrous three-button design

Quiet clicking

Compatible with Windows®, macOS® and Chrome OSTM


Compact Dual Wireless Keyboard

Easy to take anywhere, ideal for tighter workspaces

Bluetooth 3.0/5.0 and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity

Windows, macOS and Chrome OS compatible


Smartfit Conform Backrest

SmartFit® system makes ideal height adjustment simple

Independent springs conform to fit body shape and articulate with posture

Ventilated supports keep the back cool and dry


Premium cool-gel Seat Rest

Cooling fabric with cool-gel core

Relieves spinal pressure using a unique U-shaped coccyx cut-out

Premium memory foam maintains shape use after use

Carrying strap for transporting between home and office


UH1400P USB-C Mobile dock

Add HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, 3 x USB-A & 1 x USB-A connectivity with built-in SD and Micro SD UHS-I Card Reader

Compact aluminium design with integrated 21cm cable

Ideal for use with 100W USB-C GaN Power Adapter


100W USB-c GAN Power Adapter

Perfect for use with UH1400P USB-C mobile dock

Ideal as a replacement or additional USB-C power adapter

Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology enables faster charging

Includes 2m USB-C cable with cable management


High Speed HDMI Cable with ethernet 1,8m

Perfect to use with UH1400P USB-C mobile dock

Up to 18Gbps bandwidth supporting 4K resolutions

Connect an additional monitor

Gold-plated contacts and shielded cable


Anti-glare and blue light reduction filters

Reduces reflections and improves viewing clarity

Eliminates blue light by up to 43%, easing eye strain

Antimicrobial coating inhibits bacteria growth

Touch and pen enabled


Smartfit mouse pad with wrist support

SmartFit® System simplifies ideal height positioning

Height adjustable mouse pad to set wrist at the correct angle for comfortable clicking and scrolling

Comfortable gel wrist pad relieves pressure points


ergosoft Wrist rest for slim compact keyboards

For use with slim keyboards with a depth at the front of under 10mm (wrist rest width 281mm)

Ergonomist approved to provide optimal health & comfort

Military grade wipe down protection (MIL-STD-810H)


Smartfit Laptop Easy Riser Cooling stand

SmartFit® System simplifies ideal ergonomic height positioning

Kensington Security Slot

For laptops up to 15.6” and 3.5kg




From the first computer cable lock, to biometrics and electronic locking, Kensington will keep your devices where they belong


With Kensington universal docking solutions, a singe cable is all it takes to get a full desktop experience from your laptop


At Kensington, they take pride in making today’s essential business tools efficient, effective, and easy to use. 

Docking stations

Hot desking – the practice of sharing selected desks between numerous employees – is on the rise across the globe as companies recognise that not every employee needs a permanent desk space. As easy as this may sound, hot desking faces some challenges.

have a mixes estate of devices or brands

(Source: GDPR Compliance: Why Physical security Matters,Kensington, 2018)

find hot desking connectivity a challenge
have a strategy for implementing new connectivity standards

With over 35 years of experience, and as a global leader in desktop productivity solutions since 2006, Kensington is the Professionals’ Choice for universal laptop & desktop docking stations.

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In 2018, hacking/malware and physical loss of devices were the source of 41% of all data breaches.

On average over 6.5 million data records are lost or stolen every day. More than a third of businesses do not have a physical security policy in place to protect laptops, mobile devices and other electronic assets.

Next to data security, physical security of your devices does matter! Kensington offers many great product solutions like privacy screen filters, security locks and biometric security.

(Source: GDPR Compliance: Why Physical security Matters,Kensington, 2018)

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Privacy Screen Filters

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Security Locks

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Biometric Security

Privacy Screen Filters – An Essential Security Tool

As mobile working becomes more popular and the use of high-definition screens increases, so does the risk that confidential data may be exposed to unauthorised onlookers.

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Visual Hacking is easy. In 9/10 cases, confidential data was accessed
More than half of the attacks result from the lack of screen protection.
The hacker was not challenged in over two out of three attempts.

(Source: Privacy filters support GDPR compliance ** Visual Hacking Experiment, Ponemon Institute, 2016t)

Privacy screen filters are an important part of an organisation‘s physical security policy, particularly in regard to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A privacy screen filter as a visual protection measure is an indispensable security tool to protect confidential data belonging to the company or personal data that’s being viewed by an employee.

The Benefits of Using a Privacy Screen Filter

Security Locks – Kensington locks down more than your laptop

Kensington pioneered physical device security when they invented the Security Slot in 1992. Over one billion devices around the world currently have a Kensington Security Slot, securing laptops, monitors, printers, and projectors from theft.

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Data breaches caused by lost or stolen device


Reduction in laptop theft when physical security is well-implemented
Amount average data breach costs to resolve

With the move to thinner form factors, today’s computing devices may not incorporate the industry-standard Kensington Security Slot™. However, it is a misconception to believe that such devices cannot be physically secured. Even devices without a security slot can be locked down to prevent opportunistic theft. Kensington offers a full range of solutions for a diverse array of devices.

Biometric Security

Because physical features such as fingerprints and pupils are so difficult to forge, biometrics is a strong security solution. In the workplace, biometrics can be part of a strong security protocol for access to internal systems, files, information, and data. And it can be as simple as touching a finger or looking into a camera lens.

Boost security and productivity by simplifying your Windows logon and two-factor authentication access with Kensington’s compact VeriMark™ Fingerprint Key.

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VeriMark Fingerprint Key

VeriMark IT Fingerprint Key


Kensington wants to help you be comfortable at work to continue doing the things you love outside of work. That means we need to be comfortable, and we need movement. Research shows that people are healthier and happier when they’re more active. Kensington ergonomic products like monitor arms, sit/stand desks, and footrests adapt to changing comfort levels throughout the day.

(Source: GDPR Compliance: Why Physical security Matters,Kensington, 2018)

Lower and Upper Body Fit

Staying focused on work is easier when your work is right in front of you. And staying productive is easier when your posture is correct and comfortable. Kensington help keep eyes in line with monitors, wrists in line with the bodies, and people in line with wellness.

When your lower body is supported properly, it can provide crucial support to your lower back, hips, legs, and ankles – critical to overall health, and imperative for optimal performance in the office (and out).

How to stay productive when you work from home

Read more tips on how to stay productive in your home office. Stretch guide included.

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As an independent solution provider, we will advise you in finding the right tools for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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