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Upgrade your PC

Upgrade with Kingston

Does your laptop or computer have significant slowdowns and performance problems? Wait to buy a new computer, it can be worthwhile to take a look at ways to upgrade and improve your PC performance. A positive side effect is that it is also better for the environment to keep your PC longer.

How to know if you need to upgrade your memory or your storage?

Memory and storage are two very different terms that are often mistakenly used for each other but have a different impact on your PC performance.

When to upgrade memory?

If your computer crashes when using multiple programs or internet tabs at once

The more things you try to do on your computer, the more time it takes to perform those tasks. Adding more memory will resolve the ‘time’ issue because having more memory means that the computer can process all this open information quicker.

You need to use large applications or software

A lot of RAM is required to open large applications, software or files in order to use them efficiently.
Upgrading your computer’s memory will increase memory space and thus allow larger programmes to run smoothly.

When to upgrade storage?

Short battery life

One of the best ways to restore your laptop or PC is to install an SSD. SSDs are better than HDDs because they are more energy-efficient thanks to the fact that they don’t have energy-consuming moving parts.

Need to boost speed

Upgrading to an SSD can give your PC a speed boost, with opening times of applications and files significantly higher with SSDs than HDDs. The speed of your storage determines how fast your system can boot up, load, and access your data.

Running out of space for photos, files, etc.

Another problem you might face is the lack of storage. If you’re constantly running out of space for your files and applications, upgrading your HDD or SSD to a larger capacity is a great way to increase your PC’s performance. More storage allows you to store more files and it will give you more free space for the latest applications or operating systems.

Upgrade your system with extra storage

Upgrade your system with extra memory

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