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Familiar teaching methods under all circumstances

Our educational institutions are facing new challenges. How do they ensure learning continues, regardless of the circumstances and without compromising the quality of education? Technology giants Epson, Logitech, Extron and Smit Visual have developed a flexible collaboration solution that supports recognised teaching methods – even when some students are physically present and others attend class from home.

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    In practice at Thomas More

    The best of analogue and digital combined

    Learn Anywhere combines a large analogue writing surface with a massive interactive projection surface.


    Works with Microsoft Teams

    The Learn anywhere platform uses Microsoft Teams. This service is part of Microsoft 365 which is already used by a large number of educational institutions.

    Easy to operate

    The Logitech TAP acts as a central hub to control all functionality in an accessible and simple way. The lesson can be started with one touch of the display.

    Maximum involvement

    Learn Anywhere uses two different cameras: an overview camera in the classroom aimed at the teacher and a content camera aimed at the whiteboard.


    The right side of the whiteboard can be used to display the students at home. In this way, the interaction between teacher and students is maintained as well as possible.

    Situations where Learn Anywhere can be used

    Analogue teaching

    All students are present in the classroom and the teacher illustrates the material with notes on an analogue whiteboard. Thanks to the three large whiteboards covering the entire front of the classroom, the teacher has plenty of space- for example, to write out long mathematical formulas or to make large, schematic drawings. There is no display panel in the way, so the full width of the board can be used.

    Workflow for the teacher:
    Class can start immediately

    Presenting digitally

    All students are present in the classroom. The teacher can present digitally and interactively on the middle board and simultaneously make analogue notes on the left and right boards. Once the presentation is finished, the projection surface can also be used for notes, if desired.

    Workflow for the teacher:
    Connect a laptop via HDMI and select “PRESENT LOCAL” on the control panel.

    Hybrid teaching

    Some of the students are present in the classroom, but others attend class from home. In this scenario, the unique benefits of Learn Anywhere come into their own.

    Workflow for the teacher:
    Connect a laptop via HDMI, select “REMOTE” on the control panel and start the Microsoft Teams call.

    Remote teaching


    Even when all students have to attend class from home, Learn Anywhere fully supports traditional and recognized teaching methods. The teacher teaches from an empty classroom while using all the resources available in a regular lesson.

    Workflow for the teacher:
    Connect a laptop via HDMI, select “REMOTE” on the control panel and start the Microsoft Teams call.

    The teacher can present digitally and interactively on the middle board. The students at home can choose between the digital presentation and the overview camera.

    The teacher can make analogue notes on the left part of the board with a marker. The students at home view these notes through the content camera, using the smart “content enhancement” functionality in Microsoft Teams. This ensures that the teacher does not block the view of the notes.

    The students attending class from home are projected on the right-hand side of the whiteboard or in front of the teacher- for example, in the back of the classroom or using an extra monitor.

    Products used in Learn anywhere solution

    Rally Camera

    Premium PTZ camera with Ultra-HD imaging system and automatic camera control.

    In Learn Anywhere solution
    The camera gives an overview of the classroom or teacher for the students following the lesson remotely.

    Automatic camera control

    Light/color optimization

    Adaptive pan, tilt and zoom

    Multiple installation options

    Plug- and- play easy

    4K recording and streaming

    versatile mounting options

    Attachable privacy shade

    Customizable camera settings


    RightLight™ 3 and high dynamic range (HDR) technology automatically adjust to help you look professional in any lighting environment, including low light, direct sunlight or high contrast lighting conditions.

    In Learn Anywhere solution
    Used in the Learn anywhere solution as a content camera. The teacher becomes transparent so the students following the lesson at home can always see the notes.


    Drive agile team collaboration with an affordable, up to 110″ display, that will enhance productivity and connectivity in any environment.

    In Learn Anywhere solution
    Creates a large interactive projection surface.

    Any room, any size (up to 120")

    For every -angle viewing

    Multiple collaboration options

    Document camera compatibility

    Exceptional reliability

    Auto levels voices

    Suppresses background noise

    Dampens vibration for clear audio

    Convenient mute control and indicator light

    Rally Mic pod

    Modular microphones with RightSound™ for Rally.

    In Learn Anywhere solution
    Used to make sure the sound is great, so the teacher can be heard clearly by everyone.

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