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The story of Lenovo began more than three decades ago with a team of eleven engineers in China. Today, they are a diverse group of thinkers and innovators in more than 180 markets, constantly reimagining technology to make the world more interesting and to solve tough global challenges. At Lenovo, innovation is part of the company’s DNA. Their ambition is to build smarter solutions for the things that matter:

Lenovo technology thinks big

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Meet the tablets and laptops designed for the enterprise market.

Ruthless innovation

The way we use computers. The way we do business. All the times a company has taken a new direction, discovered something new, or has accomplished something revolutionary, chances were that ThinkPad was there with them. Lenovo comes from a tradition of firsts.

Majestic Design

Lenovo aims to optimize the processes, ergonomics, and overall usability of its products. While they focus on serving their customers, you can focus on getting things done.

Trusted Quality

ThinkPad systems had a sustainable design as your company depends on your pc to keep going, Every ThinkPad is designed to last.


Build for your job, designed for you


The Lenovo ThinkBooks are classy and lightweight laptops. But don’t let their looks fool you, they have very strong cases and are spill-proof.

Features like Modern Standby and Smart Power On will improve your performance and productivity.

Dual Screen

The more you can see, the more you can accomplish. The ThinkBook laptops have two screens divided by thin borders. Newer generations of the ThinkBook have an aspect ratio of  16:10 which means less scrolling and more content.


Industry-leading innovation for desktops

ThinkCentre Desktop computers

Lenovo designed the ThinkCentre-desktop computers as a response to shrinking office spaces. Examples of these innovative designs are the Nano – series, the first 1L Tiny and Tiny-in-one, the traditional tower pc, and the Lenovo ‘all-in-ones’. Each and every one of them offer superior performances, life cycle stability and robust security.

Reliable and solid

As a company, big or small, you can rely on the ease of use, performance and the environment-conscious approach of the Lenovo desktops. All you need to do is choose your size, and the pc will do the rest.

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