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Logitech Sight

Take a seat at the table

AI-powered meeting room camera that helps remote attendees feel like they’re actually seated at the table.

Front and center

Add a tabletop perspective to your front-of-room camera to deliver a better, more inclusive hybrid meeting experience.

Two viewpoints. A better perspective.

A new approach combines Sight at the table with the front-of-room video bar to show the best angle of meeting room interactions.

  • Front View: While the camera is capable of framing individuals, it encounters difficulty when people block the view of those behind them and is unable to maintain a head-on perspective when participants turn their faces away from the front camera.
  • Center View: While the camera is able to capture in-room participants talking to each other around the table, it’s unable to maintain a head-on perspective when participants turn their faces back to the front of the room.
  • Front & Center View: With Rally Bar at the front of the room, and Sight at the center of the table, you maintain a consistent front-facing view of in-person interactions as the conversation flows between in-room and remote participants.

Clear Audio. Clear Video. Clear Controls.

With 4K cameras and 7 beamforming mics, Sight captures conversation and nonverbals clearly. Indicator lights and privacy shade allow for clear signaling and status control.

  • Beamforming mics
  • Dual 4K cameras
  • Privacy shade
  • LED indicators
  • Mic mute controls

Clean and secure install

Easily install and secure Sight with the included mounts. Keep tables clean and cables plugged in with integrated cable management.

  • Table Mount
  • Grammet Mount
  • Tripod Mount