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Polycom Studio

Introducing Polycom Studio As you may know, Polycom and Plantronics have joined forces and are now known as Poly. The demo units of the Polycom Studio have arrived. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to test out this new device! Ask for a Demo   RISE OF THE HUDDLE ROOMS As a reaction [...]

Tips for a healthy workplace

16 tips for an ideal workplace GOOD SEATING POSITION 1.Chair height: feet flat on the ground with your knees at an angle 90°-110°. If necessary, use a footrest if you are unable to adjust the height of your desk. 2. Desk Height: at elbow height so that you sit in a relaxed position 3. Armrest height: [...]

New Product Announcement

New Product Announcement As a Platinum partner of Sennheiser, Discorp possesses all the right tools to offer you the best service. We have gathered sufficient knowledge about Sennheiser products and technology and are ready to find the right solution to your workplace challenge SC 100 SERIES- IN THE OFFICE OR ON THE GO The new [...]
All you need to know for a noise-free work environment

All you need to know for a noise-free work environment

Managing Noise NOISE is becoming more and more of a problem. When we refer to ‘noise’, we are talking about the hum of office equipment, chattering colleagues, traffic noise, ringing telephones, and notifications and meeting reminders from various apps. WHAT IS NOISE CANCELLING? Noise cancellation is a method for reducing these types of unwanted noise. [...]