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Personalized webshops

As a specialist in workspace optimization, we facilitate your challenges by turning your needs into tailor-made solutions. With that vision in mind, we provide personalized webshops to all of our customers, large entities in the entire EMEA region. No single webshop is the same, and that’s what makes the Discorp service unique.

Every organization has its own needs, behaviors and principles, and Discorp succeeds in responding to those needs.

For the office – A well-equipped office is a must these days. Employees prefer ergonomic tools, comfortable workspaces, and qualitative hardware. With your account on the Discorp shop, you can choose the best tools out of a wide catalog.

With a personal login, you have access to your catalog, which is a customized one. That means we can create categories, products, or specific features, based on your wishes. Together, we discuss the most suitable products for your company and the corresponding prices.

A personal login

With a personal login, you have access to a customized catalog. You can add preferred products, check your orders and personal information.

Preferred products

You can choose your own favorite products, and add them to your preferred item list.


It is possible to connect your own ERP system with the Discorp shop via an OCI 3 Link.

For your home office – Working from home is more popular than ever. What we have to take into account, is the importance of comfort in the home office. To meet the needs of a well-equipped workplace at home, organizations often give employees the opportunity to acquire the best (ergonomic) tools. For this, our private shops are a very useful tool.

Registration form

Via a registration form, each employee can create his/her own login to the shop and order personal home office tools.

Selected products

It’s up to you to decide which products your employees may order. Of course, we advise you about the most appropriate tools. The result is a dedicated orderlist with a selected number of products, from which the employee can choose.

Flexible features

For all specific desires, we look for the best solutions. You want control over the employees’ orders? The employee may order only one time? There must be a specific message on the shop? We can implement almost everything. Together, we look for the best solutions to create a custom-made shop.

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