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Poly Studio X30 and X50

Let’s get face-to-face up and running in a snap, and put the more mojo in your meetings with a Poly Studio X.

Video is the way forward

Today, video conferencing is the solution for workforces looking for a richer way to engage and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

The way forward

Video is not just a temporary fix during the COVID-19 crisis.  Rather, it has unlocked more opportunities for industries. The video adaption will continue further in 2021 and organizations should look to enabling their workforce with the right tools and training to take advantage of the video platforms to improve employee and customer experiences.

Hybrid working is here to stay

Video services and collaboration tools keep virtual workforces connected, driving productivity for work, but also bringing the virtual workforce together. By hybrid working, it is also necessary to harness audio and video calls to enable more social interaction. Colleagues coming together over coffee, lunch, sharing experiences, or simply creating virtual moments to chat is essential for a productive workday.

The Studio X family

The Poly Studio X Family video bars are all-in-one bars for small and medium rooms. They are radically simple to use with support for leading cloud video services (Microsoft Teams, Zoom) built right in. There is no PC or Mac required for usage.

The Poly Studio X30 & X50 on our webshop


Simple setup- no drama

Get your mid-sized conference rooms (X50) or small meeting rooms (X30) up and running in moments. No PC or Mac required, with cloud service platform built-in. It’s easy to install!

Production-quality performance

Feel more connected to others on the call thanks to production-quality camera framing. Block out audio distractions with NoiseBlockAI, powered by machine learning. Easily share content over wired or wireless connections.

Do meetings your way

Poly Studio X features native support for Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) platforms, including Zoom, without the need for PC or Mac. Plus it has H.323 and SIP support for easy connection to any standards-based video solution or VaaS gateway. So you can do meetings however you prefer.

Radically Simple

  • Keep it simple, no computer needed
  • Enjoy full boardroom-quality audio
  • Share content easily wired or wirelessly

Let’s work together

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in more information or a demo.

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Microsoft Teams for Android

Microsoft has decided to merge the Collaboration Bars and Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) into one category. Nonetheless in the MTR group, they made a distinction between Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android and Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows. There are features that initially only worked on Windows who are now also available for Android supported systems.

New features

Dual screen support

You can use Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android in spaces with a dual screen configuration. This new feature allows one screen to focus on the participants while the other can be used to show content or a whiteboard.

3X3 Gallery view

Teams on android supports now the 3×3 gallery view and large gallery.

Raise hands

You can now use the raise hands tool to ask for attention while using a video collaboration bar.

Pin video

Pin a video on Microsoft Teams for your meeting room view only.

Large gallery view & together mode

See all the participants of your meeting with the large gallery view.  With the together mode, you even get the feeling that you’re in the same room.

Turn on live captions

Live captions make sure that everyone is included in the meeting, even participants who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Spotlight a participant

Spotlight a participant in a Teams Meeting for all the participants. Easy to use when you want to let the participants focus on the presenter.

Look out for even more exciting functionalities being released soon, such as a new user interface, HDMI passthrough, …
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