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Enterprise Edition

Security has become more important due to the increase in cybercrime. Samsung premium smartphone are available as an Enterprise Edition (EE), specifically designed for the professional market. It is an all-in-one solution in terms of devices, security, and support, which assures your organisation of safe use and simple management for a longer period of time.

2-year Product Lifecycle

Up to 5-year security maintenance release

Knox suite

Advantages Enterprise Edition

Optimal ease of use

4 years of security updates

Control of your updates

User-friendly management with E-FOTA

Efficient time management

Personalisation via Knox Configure

Mandatory updates


Knox Suite

Frictionless out-of-the-box setup, an ideal business tool for your organisation.
Make every granular aspect of your device configuration to your specific needs.

Frictionless setup

Tailored user experience

Customized to your brand

All-in-one package

Knox Platform for Enterprise

Defence-grade security and management features due to stringent security requirements and standards.

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Provides the most automated and efficient way to make device enrollment easier for both IT administrators and device users.

Knox Manage

Monitors and manages a fleet of devices remotely and secures corporate data across multiple operating systems.


Remotely controls OS version on devices without end-user interaction, enabling seamless update to fully tested version on time.

A Series

Galaxy innovation made accessible for all

Why choose the A Series?

The Samsung Galaxy A, Samsung’s best-selling series, is a mid-range answer to the flagship Galaxy S line. It brings some of the flagship’s design features, including full displays and fingerprint sensors, at a much more affordable price point.

A53 G5

Slip into something a little more special with the Galaxy S23. Seize the day and capture the night. Head out with the Pro-grade Camera in hand, equipped with a high-resolution sensor and intelligent, light-absorbing pixels for clear snaps, at any hour. The 50MP Wide-angle Camera works hand-in-hand with a powerful chip, rapidly combining frames to extract bits from each into a single hi-res photo. Game or stream anywhere with adaptive outdoor visibility delivering optimal colour and brightness, in any light. Adaptive 120Hz smooths the scroll, while Eye Comfort Shield keeps your eyes from getting tired.

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A33 5G

Powered with a 5nm Octa-core processor, the Galaxy A33 5G is built to handle heavy-duty multitasking. With 128GB of internal storage for your photos and videos, plus support for a microSD card up to 1TB, you’ll get lots of space to store your precious moments. The Galaxy A33 5G is now slimmer and more sophisticated with a matte finish, quality bezels and seamless camera housing with the Ambient Edge.

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S Series

Galaxy’s fastest chipset and best camera

Why choose the S Series?

The Samsung S series provides the most luxurious and best smartphones from Samsung. The S devices are all equipped with a luxurious appearance and sleek design. They also have the best cameras, so that you can take the perfect shot.


Designed with a unique contour-cut camera to create a revolution in photography – letting you capture cinematic 8K video and snap epic stills, all in one go. With Galaxy’s fastest chipset, strongest glass, 5G and an all-day battery, Ultra easily lives up to its name.

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S23 Ultra

The 6.8-inch Galaxy S23 Ultra is a smartphone with excellent cameras. The 4 cameras on the back let you take razor-sharp photos and 8K videos. The telephoto lens zooms in up to 10 times without your photos losing quality. On the 200 megapixel standard lens and all other camera lenses there is a night mode, so you shoot realistic pictures even in low light.

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Ready your business on the front line.


Why ruggedized?

  • 26% of employees working in more challenging environments have digital devices.
  • 34% of frontline employees who use smartphones say they gain an extra 58 minutes of work time each day on average.
  • 91% of businesses said in a recent survey that rugged technology has reduced their long-term costs

Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro 5G

  • Light to carry, easy to use
  • Enhanced performance and connectivity
  • Long-lasting power that keeps you going
  • Stay powered even without a battery
  • Designed to be sturdy and reliable

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Galaxy XCover 5

  • Easy remote management for your entire fleet. A complete package of service, security tools and 3 years’ enhanced support
  • Never miss the smallest detail with the 5.3″ HD+ resolution display
  • IP68 water and dust resistant
  • Anti-Shock, military-grade protection for your phone
  • Charge your battery while working due to a wireless dock.
  • Scan fast your barcode using your camera or the shortcut to your scanner with the programmable key

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Galaxy Tab Active3

  • Enhanced performance with premium level Exynos AP, Wi-Fi6  and MIMO support
  • Easily connect a second screen or a Samsung Smart TV
  • Optimized Barcode scanning
  • Up to 1,5m anti-shock with protective cover
  • IP68 dust- and water-resistant
  • Replaceable battery and stable device use without battery (no battery mode)

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