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ViewFinity range

Samsung is thrilled to announce the expansion of its ViewFinity lineup, bringing new levels of excellence to the world of display technology.

The latest additions to the ViewFinity series are designed to deliver unparalleled visual clarity, vibrant color accuracy, and superior performance, catering to the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

These new models feature advanced technologies, including enhanced resolution, HDR support, and innovative ergonomic designs, ensuring a seamless and immersive viewing experience. Whether for creative work, gaming, or everyday use, the expanded ViewFinity lineup provides the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics.

New- ViewFinity S60

Highly adaptable for all-day productivity

The 60D produces fine-grained details with 1 billion colors to ensure accurate representation, regardless of workflow. Its adjustable stand tilts, pivots, and swivels to ensure optimal screen position for all-day ergonomic comfort and its VESA-compatible mounting makes for easier installs on walls or mounting arms.

Intelligent Eye Care features keep your screen brightness optimized for any lighting environment with Adaptive Picture, while Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free technology reduce blue light emissions and screen flickers to keep eyes feeling fresh for longer.

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Clean connectivity with incredible color

Easily connect your PCs, tablets, and smartphones to the S60UD with a single USB-C cable that handles display input, data transfer, power, and Ethernet (LAN). This streamlined connectivity simplifies installation, reduces maintenance costs, and keeps your workstation clutter-free. The S60UD boasts an IPS panel with HDR10 support, delivering over 1 billion colors for vivid, true-to-life visuals. With QHD resolution, you can enjoy more content on the screen at once, with stunning detail.

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New- ViewFinity S80

Easy on the eyes with clearer quality

The S80D offers four times the resolution of 1080p monitors, providing unparalleled image quality. This makes working with illustrations and videos more precise, displaying photos with greater detail, and rendering smaller text clearer and easier to read. Designed for maximum eye comfort, the S80D features Eye Saver Mode and Flicker-Free technology. Enjoy reduced eye strain during extended working or viewing sessions, thanks to lower blue light levels and flicker-free images.

Power your performance with 4K resolution

Introducing the monitor for the most discerning professionals: the S80UD. Perfect for programmers, engineers, designers, photographers, and anyone who requires exceptionally accurate images. With 4K/UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution, it offers four times the clarity of a standard 1080p monitor. This means even smaller text is easily readable, allowing you to view more lines of code, spreadsheet columns, web content, and documents simultaneously. Additionally, a single USB-C cable handles display input, power, and data, ensuring a clean and straightforward setup.

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Various resolution options

Samsung offers a variety of resolution options, including 5K, Dual QHD, UHD, Ultra WQHD, and QHD. With a diverse range of resolution options, working professionals across industries can select a monitor that uniquely addresses their day-to-day needs and enhances their experience.

Unique Features

The Easy Setup Stand of the Samsung ViewFinity monitors ensures a quick and effortless assembly. With a tool-free design, you can set up the monitor quickly and easily, leaving more time for other tasks

Protect your eyes from fatigue during long working days with Samsung’s TÜV-certified Intelligent Eye Care technology.

Adaptive Picture improves viewing comfort by automatically adjusting screen brightness and color temperature. This function optimizes the brightness of the TV and provides the best picture quality based on the ambient lighting and the content you are watching

Adaptive Picture Eye Saver Mode + Flicker Free Eye Saver Mode cleverly reduces blue light emissions harmful to the retina and Flicker Free protects eyes from screen flicker. This feature shelves eye fatigue, especially during prolonged use.

ViewFinity S9


Immerse yourself in a panoramic 49″ curved display designed for seamless single-screen multitasking.

Enjoy ultra-smooth visuals for enhanced viewing comfort. With the curved display closely matching your field of vision, the Dual QHD screen wraps around your line of sight, so you can work more comfortably and productively than ever before.


Take in picture-perfect detail with a 5K resolution display that boasts over 7x the pixels of Full HD.

Take care of your eyes while you take care of work on the matte display and bring every hue to life with Pantone Validated™ true-to life accuracy. Use with Smart Calibration and a smartphone for even more unique experiences.

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ViewFinity S8


Explore and immerse yourself in every detail. With 4x the pixels of Full HD, every detail is viewed in enhanced depth, while more screen real estate provides space to view multiple tools, applications and programs during the day – creating a 4K cinematic content viewing experience night and day.


Take in your display in perfect detail in 4K UHD resolution. With 4 times as many pixels as full HD, you can enjoy a cinematic viewing experience with extraordinary clarity and depth of color.

Streamline your set-up with ergonomic design and built-in speakers for a comfortable and productive workspace. Make use of versatile connecting ports, including Thunderbolt™ and enjoy easy connection with other monitors.

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Take in picture-perfect detail from the world’s first UL certified glare-free monitor. The matte 4K UHD resolution 98% DCI-P3 screen panel has 4 times as many pixels as Full HD, 26% more color space than sRGB, so you can you can enjoy a cinematic clarity and depth of color in any lighting.

Streamline your set-up with an ergonomic, VESA-compatible stand and versatile connectivity options for a comfortable and productive workspace.

ViewFinity S6


Free up desk space, and embrace a more efficient setup with an ergonomic, fully-adjustable design. Waste no time finding inputs with Automatic Source Switch Plus, and keep your eyes fresh on those late-night projects with automatically-adjusting eye care technology.


Immerse yourself in our 34″ wide curved display. Designed for seamless single screen multitasking, you can work more productively and in greater comfort. Make use of multiple connectivity options, and effortlessly toggle between sources connected to the monitor with a built-in KVM switch.


See more at a single glance on our 34″ curved display. Designed for seamless single screen multitasking, you can work efficiently and in greater comfort. Stay connected through video calls and streaming without any extra devices. When it’s not needed, the camera can be pushed down to keep a sleek profile. Windows Hello uses the camera and biometrics to securely sign you into any Windows 11 device, app or website without a password.


Enhance productivity and multitasking on an ultra-wide screen, while enjoying sharper and more precise detail.

Take in near-limitless hues and true-to-life color representation, with darker darks and brighter brights for a jaw-dropping visual experience.

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