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Work Reimagined

Previously, ‘Work’ was an office or a place. In this next normal, a hybrid workplace exists between home and the office, with a need to be safe wherever we are and a desire to make sustainable choices – at home, at the office, and on the move.

Hybrid working is the new norm, and employers have the responsibility to support their staff both at the office and while working remotely. Tech accessories can increase employee wellness and productivity, and Targus has a wide range of products that can help with any need.

Reimagine your workspace at home…

People want to be productive and comfortable at home. Working from only a laptop for 8 hours a day, day after day, is not sustainable or good for posture.

Space limitations and available accessories can impact your people’s ability to work well. Whether they have their own dedicated workspace or find themselves working at the kitchen table, there are some recommended solutions to make the space comfortable and productive.

Laptop-only set-up

Targus’ minimum recommendation to support Work From Home is to ensure the user is ergonomically comfortable so they can be productive.

  • Get the best from your workforce by taking care of posture and wellbeing
  • Elevate laptop screen to eye height
  • Add a keyboard and a mouse
  • Creating a comfortable, sustainable way of working will support productivity and user engagement with the business

Laptop + monitor

Targus’ recommended set-up at home is to provide an additional, external screen for users.

Extending your laptop view onto an external screen is much more comfortable, just don’t forget the accessories.

  • 25% increase in user efficiency by adding just 22 inches more viewing space
  • Get back 30 hours per year, per user, by saving 5 minutes each day of connecting, reconnection, and settling cables and peripherals
    • Not that much? This equals an extra day of annual leave per user!

Laptop + 2 monitors

Targus’ ideal set-up provides two additional, external screens for users. This set-up is equally effective in the office as well as at home for focused work.

Extending your laptop view onto two external screens can give you back 1,5 to 3 hours a day, that’s 35% more productive. Again, just don’t forget the accessories!

  • Adding a third screen can increase efficiency by another 10.5%
    • That’s a 35,5% increase overall
    • This is the equivalent to an increase of 1,5-3 hours per day in productive time

Reimagine your workspace on the move…

The office environment has changed. Desk cleanliness and social distancing have become key. Consider reducing risks with shared equipment and give everyone a ‘Desk-In-a-Bag’ to bring and take with them.


Carry your desk in your bag, bring the right tools for the job wherever you are working.

1 Cypress EcoSmart® 15.6” Hero Backpack: thoroughly designed to protect your work essentials while also protecting the environment.

2 Multi-Platform Bluetooth Keyboard: more compact than a standard keyboard and with Bluetooth connectivity.

3 Bluetooth Mouse: navigate, point, and click with this easy gliding mouse.

4 Privacy Screens: Targus makes privacy screens for tablets, laptops and monitors from 9.7” to 30”.