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Easy workspace

95% of organizations say better technology and accessories would drive improved employee productivity and satisfaction.

(DC Report: The Right Tools for the Job, commissioned by Targus)

Virtual collaboration

98% of respondents state that video conferencing helps with relationship-building inside and outside the company.

(Wolfe, 2019)

Ergonomic hardware

The productivity raises by 15% when using an external mouse, keyboard and laptop riser.

(Health2Work, 2020) 

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Furniture at home: it can be ergonomic!

Ergonomic chair

People are not made for sitting still. We need the right support and variation to be able to work efficiently. A good ergonomic chair is designed with attention to our physical needs.

Ergonomic desk with WORK & MOVE

Switching between sitting and standing while working creates more variation in the working posture throughout the day. This leads to less discomfort within the back, neck and shoulders compared to only perform sedentary work on a regular table. With the built-in WORK&MOVE software, a coach takes care whether you move on the right moment, based on your personal preferences.


An ergonomic footrest contributes to a more comfortable and healthy working posture. You can use a footrest if you are unable to adjust the height of your desk. Ergonomic footrests give you a comfortable sitting position and help prevent back and shoulder problems.

Wrist rest

A wrist rest helps to keep the wrist in a straight position when typing and can be used to give things a rest in-between.

Monitor arms

Monitor arms provide more space for your workstation and improve your posture. In addition, the height and distance of monitor arms can be adjusted easily.

Laptop stand

One of the easiest adjustments for an ergonomic workspace is using a laptop stand. Ergonomic laptop stands provide a healthy and proper posture while you work.