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Room Management

Before we start talking about the different types of meeting rooms, let’s discuss your room management. Provide your employees with the right information to avoid confusion about whether a room is available or not. See if a room is available and let them book a meeting in no time.

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Huddle Room

A small meeting room that can host no more than 4 people.

The number of huddle rooms has increased significantly over the last few years. This type of meeting room forms the center of hybrid working as we know it. When some of you might be working from the office, others can join the meeting from their home.

If you work in a business or organization that is rethinking its meeting room strategy and creating a lot more huddle rooms and small meeting rooms spaces, there are some important criteria you should consider. These smaller spaces have specific requirements that distinguish them from larger conference rooms.

Focus on the basics

This room has a specific goal and needs to be designed as such. Make people feel free to huddle up any time of the day, as much as they need. Give your employees the option to bring their own devices or to start a call with a single touch. Keep it simple.

Select the right tools

A huddle room may be used for different purposes. Some meetings require the consult of a remote partner, other meetings are done through a webinar or through video conference. And sometimes, just a table will do. In other words, you are creating a communication room, a conference room, and a collaboration room in one. If you consider these different setups when selecting your equipment, your budget will be well spent.

About the video

In small meeting spaces, people tend to huddle around the camera and mic. A wide-angle lens is necessary to ensure everyone can be seen within the camera’s field of view. Adding pan/tilt capabilities enhances the goal of making everyone around the conference table visible to people on the other end of the video meeting.

Audio Quality

In a small room or space, you might be tempted to use a simple webcam. Here’s why you might reconsider. The speakers built into a webcam, assuming it has speakers, are intended for an audience of one. In a meeting with six people, that could be a problem. High-quality conference cameras also feature room-optimized audio components to ensure that everyone in the meeting can hear and be heard.


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Medium Meeting Room

A medium-sized meeting room will have room for 6 to 8 people.

The mid-sized conference room is a good size meeting room when more people in the office need to join. Productivity is the goal, and the room solution must facilitate collaboration, not hinder it.

Because they fit into this category between small huddle rooms and large conference rooms, mid-sized rooms can vary a lot in the number of chairs, the size of the room, the shape of the table, … For this reason, it’s smart to choose room solutions that are flexible enough to accommodate different sizes and configurations.

Size matters

Since mid-sized meeting rooms can be used by a wide range of people, you will have to make sure the room can accommodate smaller or larger groups. Make sure everybody is heard and seen when setting up a conference call.

Ease of use

Make sure your meeting room is easy to use. This might be true for every size of meeting room but especially for this type of conference room since they are the most commonly used. Allow users to connect their own laptop and instantly present or stream a presentation. Let them join a meeting with just one click. No meeting room is the same but the experience can be.

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Board Room

A large meeting room that can host more than 10 people.

Some meetings need to be attended by employees across departments and levels. Your workspace may hold just a few board rooms. Nonetheless, they cannot be overlooked when optimizing the workspace.

Board room quality

Audio and video quality matter in any size room. In boardrooms, however, it will also make sure everybody in the meeting feels included. Brilliant optics allow people on both sides of a video conference to feel as if they’re together in the same room, even when they’re many miles apart.

People in the back

When you are in a larger meeting room, obviously it is because more people are joining. Make sure people in the back are heard. Think about installing multiple speakerphones. Innovations in audio technology continue to improve sound quality for meeting room solutions. Crosstalk and background noise can be history.

Who's talking?

When you made sure everybody can be heard, make sure everybody can be seen as well. Good video quality is very important during virtual meetings as it makes you feel more connected. The camera should be capable of capturing and focusing on people both near and far. Automatic focusing and zooming in on the speaker are necessary attributes of your video equipment.

Multiple screens

Whether you are sharing content or having a conference call, you need to consider installing multiple screens. Make sure everybody can see what is happening in front of the room.


Ensure everyone is heard with crystal clear voice experience.

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Fixed or Flexible

Flex desking and the hybrid workplace go hand in hand

Your office may consist of a combination of fixed and flexible workspaces. Colleagues who are combining working from home and going to the office do not always need a fixed space to work. They can share a desk, meaning you can save a lot on office space.

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