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UC Solutions

Unified Communications

The term “Unified Communication” or “UC” describes not only how we connect different communication systems for the digital workforce, but collaboration tools too.


Do you want to improve your business communication through UC solutions? At Discorp, we got you covered. 

Benefits UC

  • Fewer missed calls
  • Have microphones tuned for voice while consumer, store-bought devices only offer single-directional microphones
  • Have Headset Call Controls while consumer, store-bought devices do not offer headset controls, and are missing necessary buttons
  • Have multi-device connectivity to connect the same headset to both a PC and a mobile phone or tabletwhile consumer, store-bought devices are optimized for a single connection (such as, mobile phone only)
  • Present signal and Instant Messaging to find and communicate with colleagues whatever they may be busy with

UC-certified headsets and speakerphones have become the solution for companies spoken communication

Traditional telephones carry through approximately 15% of the information in human speech. With broadband technology of the latest headsets of Poly (Plantronics), Jabra, and Epos Sennheiser, this is 33%. Users hear more details, a clearer voice sound, and more warmth during VoIP-conversations.

Extension microphones with noise-canceling which is placed close to the mouth are more able to eliminate disturbing background noises that could bother home workers, mobile employees, or employees working in an open office.

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