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UC & VC Solutions

Digitization has changed the way we work significantly.

Following workplace concepts can now be distinguished


Afbeelding FIxed


Afbeelding Flex


Afbeelding Mobile


Afbeelding Home

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Working from the office is no longer the sole location to be productive. Home offices or flexible workplaces are becoming more popular. Every workplace concept has its benefits, but also requires a different set of work tools to provide an efficient workplace. Sharing information with colleagues is important, therefore easy communication is key.

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Unified communication

Unified Communications (UC) is now renowned everywhere as the ultimate solution amongst currently available communication options.

The benefits of the solutions available are finally clear to users and their managers after years of incorrect notions:

  • One number signifies fewer missed calls
  • One integrated voice mail means less time lost chasing messages
  • Present signal and Instant Messaging to find and communicate with colleagues whatever they may be busy with
  • One address list for the entire company that is accessible from each device
  • Multimedia conferences for efficient, direct cooperation with a minimum installation or manipulation.

Fortunately, the telephone headset has developed to become the solution that allows companies to get the best out of their spoken communication.

Many high-frequency signals are often lost during conversations using mobile telephones and VolP-telephones with low sound quality. In contrast to consumer headsets in which low tones are carried, cutting edge headsets of Plantronics (Poly), Jabra and Sennheiser have a frequency curve which compensates by amplifying the ‘lost’ high-frequency signals and thus produce a better conversation quality.

Traditional telephones carry through approximately 15% of the information in human speech. With broadband technology of the latest headsets of Plantronics (Poly), Jabra or Sennheiser, this is 33%. Users hear more details, a clearer voice sound, and more warmth during Volp- conversations.

Extension microphones with noise-cancelling which is placed close to the mouth are more able to eliminate disturbing background noises which could bother home workers, mobile employees or employees working in an open office.

As an independent solution provider, we will advise you in finding the right product for your project. Contact us, to find out more.

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Virtual collaboration

As a modern workplace allows us to work from different locations, virtual collaboration systems are becoming important tools to keep close business relationships with your coworkers. Virtual and web conferencing bring people together, are highly efficient and are more personal.


  • Easy collaboration
  • No travel costs
  • Elimination of travel time
  • Faster decision-making process
  • Increased productivity
  • Including eye contact and body language in communications allows us to have a better and more trusting working relationship

Stand-alone solutions (USB)

These solutions are designed to address a single aspect of video collaborations. With a simple USB connection to your laptop, your video meeting can be enhanced by adding a camera or audio device. Depending on the size of your meeting rooms, a variety of products can be installed:

Integrated solutions

For a fixed set-up of your meeting rooms, we propose fully customized and integrated solutions. With one touch, you can join a meeting or share information with your clients or partners. These simple and reliable solutions are easy to use and very efficient.

Audio solutions

IP & USB speakerphones make it easy to get a meeting started. They are ideal for personal use, huddle rooms and small meeting rooms. Whether you need a central speakerphone for your office meeting room or a portable device that’s perfect for travelling, we can offer you a wide variety to meet your needs.

  • Poly Calisto series: Calisto 5200 & Calisto 3200
  • Poly Sync Family
  • Jabra speak series:  410, 510, 710, 810
  • EPOS-Sennheiser Speakerphones: Expand Series

Collaboration solutions

In a digital workplace, people need flexible platforms to work together. Expanding your meeting rooms with easy to use presenting tools can make collaboration highly efficient. When collaboration is open to all departments, important decision-making processes can be done in a quick and efficient manner.