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Workplace optimization

Optimize your workplace with us

“Workplace optimization” even concerns more than just what happens in the office. This cycling backpack from Targus keeps your laptop, work clothes, accessories and sports kit all in one place and more secure. Padded shoulder straps ensure optimum comfort, while reflective strips increase your visibility and safety on the move.

One of the major concerns of our modern lifestyles, is our passive behavior. People are not designed to sit still. Applicating the idea of movement in day-to-day operations at work can have a significant impact on health & wellbeing. Many companies, however, find it very challenging to implement these ergonomic principles.

We can assist you in finding the right combinations of ICT hardware products to optimize your workplace. With the right tools, the physical and mental wellbeing of computer user can be improved and therefore increase productivity.

Creating an optimal workplace goes beyond ergonomic principles. Have you thought of the impact of noise on your concentration level?

Read more on Unified Communications as the ultimate solution.

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– Adjustable Document Holders
– Laptop Holders
– Laptop bags & trolleys
– Ergonomic chairs
– Sit-stand desks

– Monitor Arms/stands
– Ergonomic Mice
– Ergonomic keyboards
– Acoustic panels

Learn how we can advise you in optimizing your modern workplace every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Ergonomic guidelines

The following guidelines could help you to create a comfortable working position.

  1. Adjust the armrest of the chair on table or keyboard height.
  2. Choose a viewing distance of 50-90cm away from the screen, depending on screen height and font size.
  3. Place the monitor at right angles to the viewing line.
  4. Place the top of the screen at eye level or a little (max. 10cm) below.
  5. Use a document holder when working with documents, and place it between the screen and the keyboard