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Workspace optimization

Why workspace optimization is important

By optimising the existing workspace of your company, we want to create a workspace that maximizes the productivity of your employees. Keeping in mind that the employer’s behaviour depends on the environment they work in.

When you think about workspace optimization, you soon come across the ergonomic aspect. We need to adjust the environment to the people who work there. That way we make sure they can function optimally.

You expect your employees to be productive and your employees expect safety and comfort. It’s not just designing the workplace but also take some disturbing factors into account. An enriched workspace stimulates your employees because of the sensory stimuli.

It starts with little things…

Laptop stand for ideal screen height

The productivity raises by 15% when using an external mouse, keyboard and laptop riser. (Health2Work, 2020)

Ergonomic mouse and keyboard

Research shows that using a laptop with a laptop stand and external mouse and keyboard gives you 20% more comfort and 30% less neck strain. (Health2Work, 2020)

Wrist rest

A wrist rest helps keep the wrist in a straight position when typing and can be used to give things a rest in-between.

And then the bigger ones

Monitor arms

Monitor arms help create a cleaner workspace and improve your work posture. Monitor arms are also simple to adjust in terms of height and distance.

Ergonomic chair

People are not made for sitting still. We need the right support and variation to be able to work efficiently. A good ergonomic chair is designed with attention to our physical needs.

Ergonomic desk

The effect of alternating between standing and sitting is a higher, lengthier concentration level. (Ebara, et al., 2008)

Actual performance when working at a computer is also improved by a sit-stand desk. (Garrett et al., 2016; Choi, 2010; Hedge & Ray, 2004)

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