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Spread your wings

Wouldn’t it be nice if all your employees and external parties looked into the same direction? That you have a common thread throughout your business? That’s possible with A YEARLY THEME! Such a theme might be of great value within your organization, as it serves as the central point of view from which all activities start. We, from Discorp, can certainly admit. 

Carry on the tradition...

Just as last year, Discorp came up with a new theme in 2022. A motto that we want to convey during the whole year, that represents our vision and focus point.

The integration of a theme has a dual purpose. On the one hand, we want to communicate our strategy and vision to the outside world to make clear what we stand for. On the other hand, it makes sure that our employees all go and look in the same direction.

This year, we chose for a broad, but very relevant one:


Something with plumes and feathers… But above all, with a meaningful, double message. A slogan that undoubtedly asks for explanation…

Internal: the power of our employees

First of all, this motto makes clear that we focus on our team. The feathers stand for our powerful team, consisting of competent people who make the organization strong and successful.

The wings are not just spread for fun. It illustrates that we are stronger together. We welcome everyone with open arms (or wings… :-)), because it’s not all about the figures and targets. A satisfied team is worth gold, and therefore our number one priority. Together, we make it one big success. Discorp, one team!

Spread your wings logo 3

External: let's go international!

These spread wings do not only stand for our solid team and openness. It also represents our vision and international perspective. The ambition, this year too, is to reach beyond the national borders. To reach our feathers wider than ever. From The Netherlands or France to Switzerland or Germany…

Schermafbeelding 2022-01-24 om 15.28.39

In the last few years, almost half of our parcels were being shipped to different countries, and that’s what we aim to continue this year. No destiny is too far to offer the best products and services. Even tailor-made solutions go international! Our technical team takes the plane with pleasure to install a fully-equipped office or meeting room, wherever the sites are located. Let’s go international!

Banner spread your wings icoontjes

Like every year, our main focus stays the same: service. With a strong and successful team, we can deliver the best service and therefore the best customer experience. Let’s make 2022 a wonderful year, full of satisfaction. We strive for happy and motivated employees, who all fly in the same direction.