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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy


Delivering quality products and high quality service to our customers is our priority. To do so, we provide our staff with all necessary means and resources to conduct their tasks. We encourage our employees to develop their skills through training, webinars and education. We strive to improve our services, operations and systems at all times. Mutual respect is part of our company culture.

Being active in the ICT hardware business, we continuously seek to update our product range. Product quality and innovation is part of this crucial selection process.

Health & Safety

The well-being and safety of our employees are guaranteed throughout the working process. We have ‘zero accidents’ in our records and strive to keep it that way. Work-related mental health issues are being assessed through regular confidential meetings. Where a risk is identified, steps must be taken to remove it or reduce it as far as reasonably practicable.


We are compliant to all governmental legislations in terms of environmental aspects. We are committed to be a socially and environmentally responsible company and to prevent pollution, reduce waste and use our resources as efficient as possible.

Policy Management

All employees and interested parties will be informed of our QHSE policy. The QHSE systems and procedures will be implemented during the appropriate operations. Management and employees will lead by example. The QHSE will be revised and communicated annually. The policy is publicly available on our website

This policy is effective as of June 25th 2020