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Cookie policy

What is a cookie?

We use cookies on our website, a cookie is a simple textfile which is stored on your device when browsing through pages on our website. The information which is gathered can be used to recognize you as a visitor the next time you’ll visit our website.

What is a session cookie?

A session cookie is a cookie which is stored on your device until you close your webbrowser. These cookies are temporarily stored in order to remember particular information used throughout a website for example products within a shopping basket.

Google Analytics

Our website includes a cookie to enable the use of Google Analytics which is a service which stores information about the users behaviour. To be compliant with the privacy and cookie laws we have taken the following steps into account:

  • Operation agreement with Google;
  • Anonymise the IP of our visitors;
  • Disabled remarketing data;
  • Limited the use of other Google services in combination with “Google Analytics”;

Disable or remove cookies?

More information about switching on/off and removing cookies can be found in the instructions and/or using the help function of your browser.

Read more about cookies?

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