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Data Security

Data Security

The importance of Data Security Securing laptops and mobile devices is not only essential but also presents management complexities due to the very mobile nature of the devices that make them so very appealing in the first place. Making the situation that much worse is that loss of sensitive data can destroy a company’s reputation [...]
Hardware sitting pretty

Hardware sitting pretty

European Business Magazine interviews Michel Rammeloo European Business Magazine is the B2B economics medium for Europe and beyond. They present trends, ideas and innovational concepts that European companies use to stay on the winning track and fit for the future. They requested an interview with Michel Rammeloo, founder & owner of Discorp to present his [...]

The remodeling Part 2

Have a look behind the scenes. The renovations in our office started a few months ago.  Our Experience room, logistics department, lavatory and kitchen are not to be recognized. In this post we would like to share some pictures of the process. KITCHEN The discorpteam has grown significantly over the years. Even though we are [...]

VC solutions for every meeting room

Find the right tools for your meeting room. You can probably experience firsthand in your office that not all meeting rooms are the same. Every room has its purpose and is designed accordingly. An important aspect of the design is the size of the room. Our partner Logitech, offers a simple portfolio for the entire [...]

Meet the i3SIXTY

The most advanced Digital Flipchart... ...For true mobile and flexible cooperation!   QUALITIES & ADVANTAGES Whiteboarding & Annotations Wireless Presenting Video Conferencing Wireless Casting Integrated Webbrowser 90° screen rotation EASY TO USE De i3SIXTY is a digital flipchart for whiteboarding, screen-sharing and video-conferencing. Everybody can use it and it is easy to learn. CAPTURE YOUR [...]

Always On with DIGI

Back up your LTE Connectivity Do you have problems with internet connectivity? Does losing connection to the network for a day or even a couple of hours have a great impact on your business? The shutdowns are coming sooner than you’d like. And Digi is here to help you plan ahead to avoid disruptions, lost [...]

Perils of the open office

An office full of distractions The open office arrived with so much promise. Minimalist design. Spontaneous collaboration. Deeper connections between co-workers. But it’s also loud, chaotic, and full of distractions that are keeping your team from getting work done. Using the right tools can help avoid the distractions of the open office. We will discuss [...]

Apple Solutions

Upgrade your Apple When your Mac is ageing and starts losing its speed, there are solutions that don't include spending a lot of money on a new computer. When all your Mac needs is a performance boost, we have the right solution. Transcend provides a range of Apple solutions for upgrading your Mac® computers. Upgrading [...]

Wireless Presenting with Airtame

Let's talk about... If you are looking for an easy way to share your presentation, we can offer Airtame - solutions. It's wireless and has no need for dongles. As an Airtame Bronze certified customer, we can offer you the right service. WHAT IS AIRTAME The first Airtame was released in 2015 and was created [...]
Instant Conferencing with SP30

Instant Conferencing with SP30

Introducing SP30 There are several devices that can help you with flexible, wireless conferencing. Think about the Calisto series or the Jabra Speak. We, however, are going to focus on the new SP30 of Sennheiser.   The SP30 is available at Discorp. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to test out this new [...]