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Discorp event 2023

On Thursday, June 8, Discorp hosted its third client event. This year’s theme “Digital Zen” focused on inspiring attendees with insights into the keys to developing a workable framework to support your employees’ mental health in the digital age. The event featured engaging sessions with two guest speakers and our immersive experience center, making it an ideal opportunity for networking and discovery.

Course of the day

The event was divided into three sessions: morning, noon and afternoon. Each session was introduced by Michel (Manager) and Stephanie Rammeloo (Managing Partner). This was followed by fascinating presentations by the two guest speakers, Kristof Rutten and Karin Laverge. In addition to the enlightening lectures, our clients were able to enjoy delicious refreshments in our lounge (read: transformed warehouse space) and outside on the terrace during their session. After the guest speakers’ presentations, customers had the opportunity to explore Discorp’s remarkable experience center, where they were immersed in the fascinating world of ICT.

Guest speakers

Karin Laverge

About personal and professional leadership

Karin Laverge, executive coach, author and keynote speaker, brings her extensive experience in business and leadership to the stage. With more than twenty-five years of experience, she embarked on a quest to explore the connection between inspiring leadership and mindset. During her sessions, Karin delved into her findings and shared practical strategies from her book “Become the CEO of Your Own Brain.” Participants were empowered to unlock their leadership potential and embrace a mindset that encourages personal and professional growth.

Kristof Rutten

About modern working

Kristof Rutten, Senior Systems Engineer at Apple since 2015, captivated the audience with his expertise and passion for everything that’s Apple related. An avid evangelist and keynote speaker, he shared his views on modern work and how Apple is harnessing its potential. Attendees gained valuable insights into the changing work landscape and how Apple’s technology responds to this.

Discorp's Experience Center

The heart of the event was Discorp’s experience center, our dynamic meeting spaces throughout the office. Our center featured several vendors, each with their own booth to showcase their innovative products. This setup allowed customers to interact directly with suppliers, sparking interesting conversations and fostering new connections.

Succesfull day!

Overall, Discorp event 2023 successfully created an environment where attendees could embrace the concept of Digital Zen, feel inspired by the latest technology products and solutions, and make new meaningful connections. Thanks in the largest part to all our clients, guest speakers and partners! We enjoyed it immensely!

Did you miss our event? No problem, our office is always available to visit. Please contact us using the contact form below. See you soon!

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